Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeye's birthday

We went to celebrate Yeye's birthday the other day ;) (Photo on the right taken by Ace Chua)

Ace was starved by the time we reached there and was so happy to see the whole table of food.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a vegeterian menu there and ordered mostly vegeterian food save one huge 1.3kg crab and some drunken prawns for the meatarians.

It was kind of awkward for me because Ace asked me, "What is this?" and pointed to the prawns.. "What is this?" and pointed to the crab...

And you know.. when they prepare the drunken prawn, they will show you the prawns and pour the alchohol in.. so I had to try to explain to Ace what prawns and crabs were and why we were not eating them... but to explain why Yeye, Nainai, Diana Jie Jie and Shu Shu were eating them is tough so I din say much till later in the car when they are gone.

The toughest is to explain why the prawns were being force fed with alchohol before people cook them.

When I sent Ace to school, his teacher asked me how do I explain to Ace about vegeterianism.. so now I am trying to search for any resource that teaches or has simple stories about why go vegeterian... if you have any links, send to me at ok?:P

You can see more pics of the celebration at:

Post Script: I have since done a few things to explain vegeterianism...

1) I have told Ace about a theory of success that I learnt a few years ago from one of my mentors, George. The theory of success states that 3% of the people in the world are successful because they are different. They do all the things that ordinary people do not dare or do not want to do. And this is the reason why they are successful. Successful people are usually healthy.. we are successful people, that is why we will always be different from 97% of the world because we will do things differently.. we want to have healthier bodies, so we do not eat meat or seafood so that we can be healthier.. We made a different choice, so it is normal to see other people eating wat we do not eat.

2) I borrowed a book called "MY FRIENDS" from the library and all the friends mentioned inside are animals.. so I told Ace that since they are our friends, we cannot eat them. "Do you want your friend to eat you?" I asked him.. "No, no, no, no, no...." he said with a really worried look at the thought of that. "That is the reason we do not eat our friends like cows, pigs, fish... because they are all our friends..."

"What will happen if you eat your friend?" Ace crunched his fist and rubbed them on his eyes and cried.. "Boo hoo hoo... dun eat me please..."


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