Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"Mummy, I play badminton..." Ace told me the other day...

I was certainly surprised to hear that because just two days before, I was chatting with Max about this.

Yeye is an avid badminton player and has been playing for the past 40 over years at least.. without fail, he would play at least once a week and I asked Max if he became a good badminton player because he followed Yeye when he was young and he said he would go and play with his cousin when he was much younger.

As for me, I was third in badminton in my primary school and almost made it to school team in my secondary school. But because sports is still not my forte, I gave it up and concentrated on my Chinese Drama Club because I was made Vice President for the next year even though I was only in secondary 2.

So I really don't mind Ace playing badminton because I feel it will work on his stamina and agility.. and in the game, you not only need to be fit, you need to be able to strategize and read your opponents well (that was one thing I was not very good at) and so, I was telling Max we should let Ace follow Yeye when he reaches a certain age like 5 or something.

Anyway, I am glad he had a good intro to the game that day.. from the pictures, seems like he enjoyed himself...

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maximus said...

I think papa played for more than 50 years liao.

He was a sprinter, district basketball captain, badminton champion, but he simply cant kick a ball. Wonder why i mad about football, though i must say my sports interest came from him. He always encouraged me to try new sports and his mentality is to be No. 1 in all games. Finish off your opponent even if he's your father.

I wonder if i was that ruthless...maybe not! :)