Monday, July 21, 2008

Mechanic Ace

Ace loves to drive.

Probably it is because he watches his Daddy drive and feels that it is a cool thing and manly thing to do...

So whenever Ace sees things like cars and steering wheels, he gets really excited... which is the reason why every birthday of his, I contemplate whether to buy him a 'car' that he can drive around.. but everytime, the sheer cost of paying over a hundred bucks for something that will make him happy for like 30 min every 2 or three months makes me decide to get him something better...

But my son also very good at making best use of his resources.

For his second birthday, his uncles and aunties from Dreams Inc bought him a Skate N Drive... it is something tat can convert from a skate scooter to a car... minus the steering wheel.

That very same year, Aunty Gwendolyn bought him a Barney steering wheel because he loves to drive.

His very creative mind decided that if he hoisted the steering wheel onto the Skate and Drive, he will have a car to drive.. and so he asked me, "Mummy, can you tie this here?" and I helped him tape it up together...

He was so happy and was happily driving around.. until the tape could not hold on much longer..

Anyway, he never ceases to amaze me with what his little tiny three year old brain can come up with!

The other day he was watching a show with puppets and then he went on to tie the scarf around his hand and shook his hand to imitate the mouth opening and closing and then spoke in a high-pitched puppet voice and happily entertained himself for 10 min.

Maybe I should send him to drama classes ;) haha..

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