Thursday, July 03, 2008

Show you my NIPPLES!

Yes, Ace enjoys the game of showing off his nipples..

The other day he was dressed in this loose singlet and because one of his nipples was peeping through, I adjusted his shirt for him and told him, "Ace, dun show people your nipples lah..."
And then he started to go into a laughing frenzy and for no reason at all pulled down his singlet such that both his nipples are peeping through..

"Show you my nipples!" he giggled and he went on to repeat again and again..... Initially I tried to correct him but the more I tried, the funnier he thought it was and the more he did it.
So remembering how the best way to stop him from doing something is to IGNORE it.. I just went on to read my book and so in the end, he stopped this game.. PHEW..
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