Sunday, July 06, 2008

Chicken Little Ace

Ace loved the numa numa song.. and kept singing the song and wanted me to show him the song on computer.. so I showed him the chicken little trailer...

He loved it so much that the next time I sang it for him, he used a stool to imitate the trailer! I laughed until I *pengz*

This is the original version:

This is Ace's version:

PS: My friend, Coral, has taken part in the SHOW ME YOUR SLOGGI Competition.. please go to the below link and vote for her! Note: you need to register to become a member before your votes count.. I know it is a little troublesome BUT... lots of bikini babe photos inside for your viewing pleasure... haha... also, if you bother to register to vote, please lah.. vote a 10 lah.. cos pple count by average score.. I myself will give her a vote of 10 JUST BECAUSE I DUN HAVE THE GUTS TO TAKE PHOTOS LIKE THAT!

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Cons said...

Hi WanJoo!! It's your ex-colleague Constance! I haven't visited your blog for so long, then found it again :) Wow, your son is so big already and so smart and independant. Great job there! I'll only become a mum next month, so reading your experiences really inspire me. Will be visiting your blog more often :) Take care!