Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vain Pot

Ace is very vain and always makes sure that he is good looking...
The other day, I told him we were going out when in fact, we were just going to my mum's place. In my mind, that was a short journey and I wouldn't mind making the journey myself in shorts and slippers.. especially if Max is sending us there...

But Ace insisted that he had to dress up and specified that I had to dress him up in which particular shirt and which particular pants...

"But we are going to Waipo's house only, Ace..." I tried to reason with him and he started to put on the clothes by himself... So boh pian, got to give in to him.

After we are done with putting on the clothes, he goes to the mirror, looks at himself, pulls his collar up like Daddy always does and tells me, "Wo hen handsome leh.." very confidently. I laughed... buay tahan!

The other day, Mr Vain Pot is going out and I was trying to get him to wear some warmer clothes because we were going to the airport.

"Can we wear this or this?" I asked him.


"But this colour is nicer with this colour.." I tried to appeal to his sense of aesthetic..
"Mei you lah. This colour and this colour lah.." he told me as he pointed to his orange and brown combination.
And then I went to bath and suddenly when I came out, he was dressed in the red polo tee that I wanted him to wear.

"Wah! How did you make him change his mind?" I asked Max.

"Easy lah, I just wear my polo tee and he says he wants to be like Papa lah..."

Hahaha..... so I guess Max is his benchmark for fashion sense ;) Hahaha....

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