Sunday, May 29, 2016

10 Things Not To Do When Making A Youtube Video!

So we made a toy review as a test the other day...

But after some feedback from the professionals, we decided we will make ANOTHER youtube video.. 

I had Ace cut his hair, put on a nicer shirt, sit properly in front of the table... (cos the feedback was that his hair was messy and he was seated in an unglam pose) and made him do another video...

Ace wanted to do a toy review. but he kept making mistakes here and there... as he was not natural...  so in the end, I thought he should do the thing he do BEST:) Be himself and make lots of jokes..

I suggested that we do instead a video called 10 Things Not To Do When Making A Youtube Video!

And then we discussed what the 10 things should be and I left it to him to come up with the jokes since telling lame jokes is his forte:) hahahahaha...

So here you are.. enjoy!:)

Not very pro and I I think there is room for improvement... but I quite enjoyed making it and if the response is good, I think we will continue to make more:) I already have another idea for our next video!

Let us know what you think :) And dun forget to LIKE and SHARE the video if you enjoyed it:)

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