Thursday, May 05, 2016


Ace came home today and told me that for his Chinese Compo exam, he wrote a story about someone finding a bag with a ipad and a phone inside at the MRT station... and just as she was about to send it over to the MRT staff, a man came and look flustered and so the staff told him, "先生,请你冷静下来.." And I was like super impressed... I really never thought my son would use a phrase like tat! I pray he will score well cos he said he is finally passing his Chinese compo and scored 28/40 in the last compo that he did:)

He also came home and told me that one of the compositions he had written had been used as an example of a good story for the class.. But there were some edits from the teacher lah...

I am glad he is making improvement from his Compositions..

I am hoping he will really do well for composition for this exam...

As part of his preparation for his compo exams, I read this composition tip about mistakes that most children make... that I came across on the internet with him ..

Ace was so tickled when he read it cos 80% of the items we read were mistakes that he made! No wonder he did not score well.. I hope tat with this new found knowledge, he will be able to improve himself  :)

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