Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cayden's Performance

Ah Yee said she will be taking half day leave to go for Cayden's performance for his drama class.. She asked if I would wanna have lunch with her and since exams are over and there are no after school activities, I asked if Ace would like to meet Ah Yee.. and maybe even go support Cayden afterwards and Ace said he would like to do that:)

That early morning, Ah Yee told Cayden tat me and Ace will be going and he was soooooooooo happy and excited:)

 Fooling around after the performance:) Ace says the kiddos are very cute:)

And they tried to WRESTLE in class! Hahahaha..

After ward, Cay decided to go back to Popo's house with us... but the two boys requested that they get to spend some time to play at the playground together...

This is them running around the playground...

Here is Ace having a time of his life... Hahahaha.. I am still amazed that an 11 year old boy can play so well with a 4 year old one:) hahahahah...

That is me trying out some new app in Popo house when Cayden PHOTOBOMBED me:)

It was kind of fun I guess for the boys:)

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