Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Mother's Day Present

So it was Mothers' Day and my Facebook was flooded with post of people sharing about what their children did... Many children cooked for their mums, made cards, bought presents like jewellery....

As for my son... when I asked about my present a few days before, he kept saying it is a secret...

So on the actual day, when I asked him where is my present, he said

We happened to decide to go try out the dim sum and food at Paradise Inn... and so while we were there and eating the fried carrot cake.. my son gave me my Mothers' Day Present...

Presenting... my Mothers' Day Present... the last piece of the fried carrot cake! Haha!

Ace liked eating that and when he saw that it was the last piece, he told me, "Mummy, you take you take... "

"No need lah, you like you take lah.." I told him...

"No no... today is MOthers' Day so you take the last piece.. next time I take ok?" He said..

Wahahahaha... very pragmatic lor!:)

I told my friends about it on FB and they say he is very honest... which is very good:) hahahaha..

Anyway, I asked Ace what is my REAL present and he said he had saved up some money for me to buy a phone cover becos my phone cover 烂烂already..

But hor, once we went home, the whole thing 不了了之...

And two weeks later when I asked him about it.. He said, "I have it all prepared already!"

And took out a GRAND $2 note to give me me! Hahahahahaa...

Wah lau, I told him $2 cannot even buy ONE cover lor!

He said but $2 is very big to him liao..  it is his one day's allowance lor..

So I said thank you and told him I will choose a nice cover:)

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