Sunday, May 01, 2016


Ace shared with me that one of his good friends has been in a fight with him for a long time lately. It started when his friend kept saying Ace always sabo him and started sabo-ing him since he joined this school...

"Whenever I am walking in the same direction as him, he thinks I am following him and will tell me to go away and tell me that no one likes me and that everyone hates me..."

The boy, B, used to be a good friend of Ace and they used to do everything together.

I asked Ace if he knew why B is upset at him.

"He always says that I sabo him.." Ace said. I asked him why would Ace have chance to sabo him since they are now in different classes and Ace said B was referring to things that happened in the past.

I asked him for more examples and he told me that once, he forgot to bring a textbook and B gave Ace his book. When the teacher asked who did not bring their textbooks to stand up, when Ace wanted to stand up, his friend asked him to sit down and stood up in his place.

"And now, he will bring this up and say that I sabo him. He was the one who offered the book and he was the one who asked me not to stand up but now he says I am the one who sabo him.." Ace told me. My question was why did Ace let someone else take responsibility for his forgetfulness...

So every now and then I would ask if they are good friends again because they have been in this fight and best bro cycle a few times...

Ace says they are still in a fight and B still goes around telling everyone tat Ace sabo-ed him. I guess though, real friends dun really do that to you and asked Ace how he feels about it. He says that probably the best friend who has who has always been kind and loyal would be E.

Whenever B starts saying nasty things, E will actually step up and ask him to stop and tell him, "Ace is also human and he also has feelings okie..."

If B continues, E will remind B that they all used to be good friends and ask him to stop...

I told him I think E is a really loyal and good friend. Btw, E is the one who made Ace a gift when he was feeling down.

Anyway, I shared with Ace that rather than focus on his friends who fight with him, it will be more helpful to count the good friends that he has and be thankful for them:) And so he started counting his BEST FRIENDS, his BETTER FRIENDS and his GOOD FRIENDS and was happy that he has quite alot of friends:)

I wish the boys all the best and that they move into the best bro part of the cycle soon:) hahaha..

PS: THe boys are back to being friends....  I always thought only girls will have all these you fren me i dun fren you stuff... cos that ws the reason why I was closer to guys throughout my school years cos they dun have such shit:) hahaha

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