Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Goodbye Miss Ang

Ace has lovely teachers.... and he loves them very much... That his form teacher and co form teacher:)

The other day, we were having our usual bedtime chats and he told me that he is very sad because his English teacher, Miss A, will be transferring to another school.

I asked him how did his class feel and he says everyone is very sad that she is leaving. "I was so sad that I cried..."

I know that my son is not very good at saying goodbyes... but I reminded him that sometimes goodbyes are not bad things. He should be happy for Miss Ang because it could be a forward or an upward move in her career to be transfered to another school.  While I am sure she misses them too, people sometimes need to go to a different place to move forward in their lives..。

But I am sad to know she is leaving too lah.. she is such a caring and passionate teacher... she is the one who stayed back with Ace for a few recesses to help him sort out his files and help him with his work.... and even provided him with biscuit to eat!:) haha

Still, here is wishing her all the best!:)

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