Sunday, May 15, 2016

Angry Bird

In order to take part in an angry bird contest where you are supposed to angrify yourself, I asked Ace to do his ANGRY FACE...

He loves to do this face since young! And most of the time, I will remind him it is super UGLY and pls stop doing it! But it is like his signature look.. in addition to the "我是白痴“look that he likes to do when he is fooling around..

So finally, he gets a chance to do it for a good reason... to win some tickets to watch the movie! hahaha

His godma says that he looks handsome even when angry.. I think it is godma bias:)

But mostly, this picture was well received because my friends say his sharp nose really does look like a bird's beak!:) Hahaahaha

I think he should win a prize just for looking so good! Hahahaha.

Anyway, I found out tat Angry Bird visited Ace at school when I saw the post in the Parent Support Group FB page...

I was a little surprised that Ace did not talk much about it...

 Mr Hanifa, a school teacher pretending to be Angry Boy ;)

When I asked him why he did not mention it.. he said he was not too impressed... but when I asked for more details, he got upset and became a real angry bird.

He said his teachers arrived late to pick them so they were late for the performance and missed part of it.. and that the two angry birds did not do much at all.. most importantly, they picked the children to ask them questions and the children who gave the right answers had a goody given to them as prize..

BUT, while his class enthusiastic and they put up their hands... the form teacher of another class whose students did NOT put up their hands asked the bird to choose a pupil from her class... and so, Ace was really upset because he says "It is NOT FAIR..."

Wah lau.. just an angry bird goody tat is most probably useless mah.. wat is the big deal right:)

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