Monday, May 16, 2016

Food, glorious food!

Exam month... so not much cooking done...

But  I must say that when I upload these foods and go look at all the things I have cooked.. I still cannot believe I made all these things ;)

I must say though that I have gotten lazier in Singapore because food is so easily available:) You really dunno wat a blessing it is to be able to eat chee cheong fun, kway chup and laksa as and when you feel like it till you have to be outstationed overseas for a prolonged period!:)

Max saw this recipe online for avacado rice balls and said he wanted to eat.. But i din have the scoop to scoop avacado... and but since I already have the rice and sesame seeds, I just made some with egg for Ace to try...  Ace says very nice:)

OMG, my friend Annie brought me to Pu Tien and we ordered this pot of fish soup that we cannot finish so she said to dabao. ... as she was going out, she said I should bring home.. I put it in the fridge and it solidified becuase of the rich amount of collagen in it!

So, I heated it up, added little bit water and made mee sua with it.. heavenly!

Ace everything also want to fry with bean paste and soy sauce now.

Cos he says they are soooooooooooo yummy.. so all my veg he also say fry with bean paste and soy sauce and chilli! hahahaha... Anyway, it has been a while but I had this chicken rice pack that Audrey gave me and so I made CHicken rice for the boys:)

Another day, another veg.. BUT still the same sauce! wahahahahaahhaha!

Did a two dish meal... other side is my cabbage and mixed veg with lam yu....

Saw this online and decided to give it a try...

Put stuff into flat bread and kiap with my waffle maker...

End up more cleaning up to do leh.. Think I wun do this again.. or maybe I wun put so much liao again:) hahahaha

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