Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ace and MY Yoga Mat

So I started doing Yoga because a friend said when she went for rofling (it is a healing method kind of like a massage where the therapist will knead your muscles that have moved to the wrong place to compensate for weakness so that they go back to where they should be and will no longer cause pain), her rolfer said she highly recommends that she takes up Yoga.

That's me at my first lesson :)

My friend couldnt make it for the first lesson so I went alone... My classmates were quite friendly and suggested I lay my mat in front of the teacher to see the positions better:)

But most of my classmates were my mother's age! And I realized many of them are MUCH MORE flexible than I am!

After the first lesson though, I did find that Yoga is really not too bad. Though I was tired, I really worked on muscles I never knew exist and feel like more toned and even stronger!:)

So I wondered if I should get a Yoga mat and try to do some basic exercises at home daily...

I decided I will just go to Decathalon to get a mat first then say lah...

But after I brought my yoga mat home... someone KIDNAPPED IT... and lay it out on the floor and put his pillow on it and lie down there and refused to move... and he said he is CAMPING on my mat.. in my room! *rolls eyes*

Boh liao to the max!

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