Friday, August 12, 2016

Hooray For Veggie Crunch Burger

 When we were in Dubai, Ace often ate the veggie burger in Mac Donalds as there was a large number of Indian Vegetarians there.

During a short promo period, they even had some special vegeterian burgers on sale...

But when we returned to Singapore, Ace could only make do with normal burgers without patty... Sometimes I will fry an egg and bring it along if I knew in advance we were going to eat at Mac Donalds.

Then some time back, Max told me excitedly that the Vegetarian Society group shared that Mac D now has a VEGGIE CRUNCH BURGER! Woohoo!

BUt we were unsure till I googled Mac D's website and found it added to the formal menu!

So when I was out and Max was tasked with buying Ace lunch, he bought Ace a set meal to try...

When I returned home, I asked Ace how was the burger and he said it was "so so.."

But when he went to Popo's house... She excitedly asked Ace if he knows about this burger and Ace said, "我早就吃过了..."

And when she asked if it was tasty....

He actually said... "很......... 好吃!"

So I asked him why he gave a different reply to Popo...

And he explained... "It is so so lah... but compared to the one in Dubai.. this is nicer lah..."

I still dunno if it is supposed to be so so or veryyyyyyyyyyy nice:) hahahahaha

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