Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spanish Food at FOC

Nowadays, every Saturday, Max will go help out at our Lion's club event... It is to help collect veggies that are donated at the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market and drive them back to the two Lions Home so they could cook them for the seniors.... One of the weeks he even brought Nainai along;)

As Ace has swimming, Max usually goes alone..

The other day, he came back and said we going out lunching with Uncle Anshun... And Anshun suggested that we eat at this nice Spanish restaurant... since the last time we ate spanish was many years ago.. we decided to go lor;)

The restaurant is called FOC.. but pricing is far far away from being FREE ;)

The decor a little queer.. so may custom made big head busts put in the place..... they are busts of the owners and their head chefs etc...

Where's the drinks list??

This is how Ace usually is at meal times... till we confiscated his phone. I think we should confiscate his phone forever!

Anshun ordered some alternative form of Gin Tonic.. I forgot the name for it.. But it tasted nice:)

The food....

Ace really loved this dish.. It is some sort of baked potato tat was sliced so finely I tot they were onions or wat.. with tomato and a small dollop of mayo..

My guess is spanish are not very much vegetarian.. cos most of their veg options are kantang... kantang and more kantang!:) hahahaha

We non veg have some variety... this one looks to me like ba teng :) hahhaah

Squid ink paella, anyone?

ANshun said he could get the bartender to make a drink for me.. I just need to say what sort of drink I want and up to the bartender to create... and I asked for a GT.. that was fruity.. or flowery... and this drink was really very refreshing!:)

This one is some sort of braised niu lan... and with toasted bread...NIce:) Tasted chinese actually.. hahaha

Time for desserts...

We always see those interesting desserts where they pour chocolate ... we also ordered one here!:)

So much dessert!

Ace was so fascinated with this mint in our drink and he says wanna bring home to put in water and try to grow it! Hahahahaa

First two days ok.. third day it turned yellow.. Guess I left it at a place with too much sun...

That marks the end of our spanish adventure. I think hor, we are still very much asian and hawker food people leh... cos I think I prefer that to spanish food in general:)

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