Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pokemon Go At Bedok Reservior

Max said he wanted to go jogging around Bedok Reservior and Ace has no school, we decided tat we shall go with Max and while he does his run, we will go Pokemon catching!:)

 Ace decided that he will wear the new shoes that  GongGong bought for him:)

 Long time no use my sunglasses... In Dubai, I cannot live without a pair of sunglasses but I am quite happy to go about my life here without a pair.. but well, just use lah:)

 Selfie before we go:)

Other than catching Pokemon, also must admire the scenery mah....

I thought this sign is funny given we were "fishing" for MagiKarp there:)

And we both caught our very first Scyther... and we were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy... only to find that.. hey, Bedok Reservior is Scyther nest! We catch and catch till we dam sian:) hahahaha...

More scenery...

Saw a squirrel! Tempted to throw my Pokeball at him!:) hahahahaha

After we went one round, it is time for breakfast... at Mac Donalds! Woohoo!

Caught my first Cubone at Mac Ds... woohoo!:)

Then we walked home and tried to catch MORE things... and Ace walked so much faster than me cos he was trying to go somewhere to catch something..

By the time I reached, he already standing there waiting for me for a long time:)

And when Max says he is going jogging again the next day, Ace says he wants to go again :) Hahahaahaha...

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