Friday, August 19, 2016

Circle Mian

When Ace was much younger, I often made what we call "Circle Mian" for him to eat.

Actually hor, it is just Mee Hoon Kuay... which I love... and I actually learnt how to make it from my Confinement Nanny, Hua Jie...

When Ace was much younger, I wasnt much of a cook and did not know how to cook or make anything but I discovered it is quite easy and fast to make mee hoon kuay for a meal... and when Ace was a little older, it was fun that he got to help in the mee hoon kuay making process :)

And to be honest, I haven't thought about it for a long time and the last time Ace really helped to make the noodles was when this photo was taken..

This shows how long ago that was lor...  That is in our 422 house and there was still a baby gate ;)

Fast forward to now... it was a no school day mah.. Plus it has been a long while since Ace cooked something... (He learnt how to make cook rice, fry veg, make scramble egg, fry tomato egg and make his own instant noodles , make chinese pancake, and even baked a cake!)so I asked Ace if he was interested to make his own circle which he answered with a resounding, "Yes!"

Now tat he is much older, I could teach him how to make everything from scratch....

Naked Chef at work.... ok.. SEMI naked:) hahaha.. so gotta cover up mah... :)

Tada! End product!

And he says it tasted ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!:)

PS: While I was searching through all the old blog posts to add links, it brought back so many memories about dubai. I really miss shopping EVERY WEEKEND at a mega mall with very small crowds... going people watching and observing all the interesting things about different cultures... having weekends totally to ourselves because there are no extra classes or tuition or excessive homework... I miss Lamcy Plaza... our favorite Al Maya Supermarket.... and drinking Dai Gor's soup every week... I miss the Indonesian Nasi Padang which is DA BOMB.. and cheap! I miss Hong Wu and the best best best best braised pork knuckles.... I miss having lots and lots of family time together... I miss lots of potluck parties with my Dubai gang... Miss taking pictures of all the interesting and new things we saw every time we shop at Virgin Megastore... Miss my neighbours in Dubai... Miss WINTER in Dubai... Miss going to Ace's international school and watch them do amazing things... Miss the daily fireworks during Eid... miss Global Village... Wish I dio TOTO or win some free tickets and hotel stay so I can go back to Dubai for a few days to revist all the places I miss and so all the things I miss and eat all the foods I miss! :D

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