Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pokemon Hunting At Marina Barrage

After doing the hunting in Bedok Reservior, Ace is now excited to go PG hunting when his dad is jogging:)

Max said since Ace doesnt have school that day, let's go again...

This time round, he suggested going to Marina Barrage instead... But when we woke in the morning, it was drizzling and the sky was very dark...

We thought about it and decided to go anyway lah:)

 On our way there, we were still a little worried cos even MBS was hidden among the clouds..

 Feels like Dubai's fog when the seasons are changing..

When we reached, it ws still drizzling.. but that aint going to stop us from PG hunting:)

 Just hunt with umbrella lor:) hahahahaha..

In the end, we just walk around the barrage area where there is shelter in circles cos lots of pokestops and there were other people who put lure there..

 Saw this lazy cat lazing around...

Then we got bored of the place cos though we caught some Voltorbs (my first), there were just some tentacools and krabbies there...

I realized that the path going towards the sports hub has a lure there... and since we have to go past a bridge where the bridge has lots of pokestops, I suggested to Ace that we try to go over... cos right at the end of the bridge got a lure.. maybe there got shelter we can sit and wait at the lure...

Ace in a hurry and making his way over ....

 I was bz trying to take pic of his back view and he turned around and said, "Mummy, hurry up!"

 Finally came to the end of the bridge where the lure is... and just got a Psyduck.. sad...

 This is the "there is noting here leh" look:)

 So there is nothing here and no one here... WHO PUT THE LURE????

ANd then I suddenly noticed these two construction workers over there.... Both looking at their phones... I think they are the ones lor! orh hor.... lazing on the job... Hahahahah

 Decided to walk back to the barrage where there is shelter..

 Nt bad lah... at least caught this little man:)

Then it is time to go and eat brunch liao! Woohoo!

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