Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Day Ace Made Mr L Angry

For the longest time, I have been telling Ace that he should take better care of his worksheets... They are all dog-eared and look really sad lor...

When I open up his school bag, it feels like I am looking into a RUBBISH DUMP! I don't understand why he feels a need to bring everything to school.. including rough paper! And why he doesnt just put them into the files I bought for him for this specific purpose.

I always tell Ace that when we seem naggy and keep repeating something, it is because we think it is something important that he learns and if he does not listen, at some point later, he will learn the hard way instead... why what we said was important...

True enough, since sound advice falls deaf on some people's ears, some people need to learn it the hard way...

He came home the other day and told me that he made his teacher really angry today when he handed in work torn into half because he just crumpled it in his school bag... His teacher actually said he has never been so angry or upset in his life.. and made the exact same comment Max always said about this issue-- NO PRIDE IN YOUR WORK!

(His teacher was a commando officer during NS.. so I think that is why army talks like Max.. hahahaa)

His punishment was to write an apology letter/reflection piece to his teacher... And he had to get me to sign it...

So the letter he wrote by himself without any help went like this:

Dear Mr Lee

I am sorry that I handed in the torn piece of work last Friday. I should have had more pride in my work and filed it in my file. I am deeply sorry for making you angry last Friday when you were sick. I admist I have not been in hte best shape in terms of being class monitor.

As I am writing this, I feel sorry that I made you the most angry you have ever gotten. I was in the wrong, I am very sorry for what trouble I have caused.

Being class elected monitor, I have not been in tip-top behavior. I will keep my promises to hand up my homework in time. I sincerely hope we can amend the bridges that I broke and let aside the pain I have caused you.

From now on, I will buck up and work hard for the future. I hope I never do such things like this again. I am sincerely sorry and I hope this does not happen again.


I hope this is first and last time I have to sign something like this...

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