Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Hairdo

 Every year... just before my birthday, I will go do my hair so I look nice nice when I take my birthday photos:)

Made an appointment to do my hair and before I went for my appointment, I thought I should take a picture of my super long hair:)

 Probably the first and last time I will have such long hair:) hahahaha

THough after I cut it off, it is still considered long.. but it felt so much lighter! ;)

 Benefits of doing hair in Orchard.. can catch Pokemon while doing hair:) hahahahaha

 Maestro at work!:)  That is the man behind all my hairstyles for the past 12 years:) And we are family lor.. cos he happen to share the same surname as me! 500 years ago, we were from one family mah!:)

 Love this photo!

I posted the end result and everyone said very nice....

But... but... but....

 This is me the next day... Sigh...

And I was thinking about how maybe I wanted to invest in a curling iron and a dear, sweet fren... who saw my picture thought of me when doing her hair at the salon and bought one for me! I swear my friend, Annie, reads minds! She even brought me to her salon so the stylist can teach me how to use it!

So leh, thereafter, I made sure I use it often :)

 First time I used it... Took me like 10 min...

And then I got better and faster:)

Now it takes me only 3 min to curl my hair:) hahaha

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