Friday, August 08, 2008

A Close Shave

The other day, because we were quite free, we decided to bring Ace out for a walk after dinner at North South East West...

Since Parkway Parade is the nearest shopping mall, we decided to go there and stroll around..

I haven't been there in a long while and boy has the place changed... Right at the entrance was this screen on the floor which include Ace's favourite games.. and so Ace ran around on the screen for a good half and hour while I stood there and admired his football prowess.

What amused me was that children are really a carefree lot. Initially, the whole group of children playing there were the young ones who were about 3-4 years old.. the toddlers played together easy enough and everyone just did their own thing without interrupting the others.
But when older children came in, they tried to control the situation by laying RULES like "You cannot go there... you cannot stand here..." and did Ace and the other toddlers care? Of course NOT! hahaha... in the end, the older kids gave up and just played around the toddlers...

After playing with the screen, we went to the second storey where Ace said he wanted to play with the rides (he is more familiar with the place than I am because his Daddy brought him there without me before..) and boy is this little boy lucky lor.. someone put in a coin and their kid did not want to play so Ace got a free ride.. Daddy says Ace is very lucky because the last time he brought Ace there, Ace also got a free ride... I think Ace is very abundant and much better at receiving than us ;)

Because he was a good boy, Daddy promised to reward him with ICE CREAM! So we went to mac donalds across the road for ice cream. Right after ice cream, Ace said he wanted to go to play ground and when Daddy said, "Ok..." he just took off.

Max was still leisurely sipping his drink and telling me, "Nevermind lah, let him go on his own.. so near only... he can take care of himself..."

But we nearly lost our son when we made that decision!

Contrary to what we thought, instead of taking the shorter route, Ace took the longer route and walked around the other way through a car exhibition to get to the playground. Unfortunately for us, for some unkown reason, even though this was a place with LOTS OF FAMILIES and LOTS OF CHILDREN, the cars were allowed to be driven around within that small area!

When Ace went around one car, the driver was trying to reverse and he almost knocked Ace down!

Max jumped to his feet, ran towards Ace and by the time he reached the car, Ace was already at the playground.

"Here can drive one meh?" Max asked the car salesman angrily...

"Can, we sell cars mah.." Wah lau, what sort of reply. Instead of apologizing to us for almost knocking our son down, they still give this sort of LL reply...

So, that is why I decided to take a picture of the exhibition and NAME THE CAR DEALER so tat you will know better than to deal with people like that. They are called PINACCLE... I personally feel that if they can treat children like this, I dun think they will treat their customers well...

As for Ace, he really just didn't care and went on to have a GREAT TIME at the playground.. hahaha ;)

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