Saturday, August 02, 2008

I want my toys!

Ace likes to go home... once he has had enough fun outside, he will say ask me, "Mama, ni yao hui wo de jia ma? Yao bu yao?"

That is his queue for going home and that he has had enough...

So when you ask him why he wants to go home, he will tell you it is because he wants to go home and play with his toys...Given that he has a limited amount of toys at home (because most of his toys are at Popo's house), he gets really imaginative.

For example, the other day he wanted to make Thomas Train... so he used his truck and tried to join it with his fake Lego block set with wheels and said that that is Thomas Train.

But most of the time, he is really just happy using my tatami sofa as a slide and using my mother's scarf as watever he wants it to be.

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