Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To the zoo again!

To make full use of our Friends Of The Zoo card, we decided to go to the zoo again at Ace's request...

While we previously brought Ace there during weekdays to hide from the crowd, we realized that it is also quite fun to bring him there during weekends as there are more impromptu shows around the zoo and we get to see different things when we go during weekends..

Alas, this time round.. there is a huge price to pay.. Daddy fell down as he was trying to take a picture of a pond at the end of our trip and end up spraining his wrist and fracturing a bone in his hand... so he is on MC for one week now..

But I guess if it had to happen, it would have happened anywhere else.. nothing to do with the zoo..

What matters most though is that Ace told us that he is very happy that he saw the animals when we reached home.. I didn't even prompt him! He just came to me and told me, "Mama, I so happy I see the animals today leh.."

Anyway, shh... dun tell anyone cos Max says very 'diu lian' (embarassing) to tell people that he hurt himself while trying to take a picture at the zoo.. at least when he broke his leg, it sounded quite heroic when he said he broke it during a soccer game... :P

Anyway, he had a surgery to screw the bone back and his sprain has very much recovered.. he is as good as new now.. :)

You can see the zoo pics here>>

PS: We saw some monkeys doing foreplay but my camera wasn't fast enough... I told Ace they were just loving each other lah...

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FF said...

I think during my almost 8 years staying in Sin, I have only been to animal zoo once. kakaka...

Are there many changes now?