Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gardener Ace

The other day, Ace wen for his Shichida lessons and Teacher Huiling gave him some green beans, a cup and some cotton wool to grow the beans so that he will be exposed to the life cycle of the plant.

When we came home, he was so very excited and we planted the beans into the cup and watered it.

I told Ace that the beans will grow like how teacher huiling showed us.. the roots will come out and then there will be leaves and the plant will grow taller and taller.. I also took this chance to teach Ace to love mother nature by telling him that the plant will grow better if he says "I love you..." to his plant...

The next day, when Ace woke up, I suddenly heard a shout, "Mama, 你看我的beans! 你看! 你看!" And true enough, the shoots had all grown out already together with the roots. Ace was super excited.

That very day, when he came home from school, the first thing he did was to check on his beans.. "My beans, my beans..." he would say.. and he exclaimed, "Mama, 你看我的beans!" They kind of grew by 10cm throughout the day... wah lau.. got grow so fast or not?

And then after that he would say, "我要给我的plant喝水..." he would water it with this spray bottle that I have.

Note: At this point, it is of utmost importance that you DO NOT water the plants for him because he will get all angry and upset. "我要自己弄!" he will insist.

But the only bad thing is that he enjoyed playing with the spray bottle a little too much. He would spray all over the room and say, "哇!很美leh!香香leh!" so I kept the bottle in some secret place after that.

And then everyday before he left for school and when he comes home, he will go and see his plant and say I love you to the plant.. Before he goes to school, he will also want to water the plants first.. he is a loving good owner.. and then when they grow, he will ask me to take a look and tell me, "我的plant长高了!"
The other day, because Ace was staying at my mum's place for two days... even though I still watered the plant but because Ace was not around to pour the plant with lots and lots of love, the plant started to wither a bit.. but the plant cheered up now that Ace is back home and sends it lots of love with lots of water..

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FF said...

Hehehehe... Ace looks very handsome, especially in 2nd photo... :)