Monday, August 18, 2008

Teacher Ace

I think like all children whose first introduction to any occupation is the teaching profession, Ace would probably like to be a teacher now..

When he goes to his shichida class, he will take teacher Huiling's penguin pen and start pointing to the words and repeat.. "Saturday.. it's a sunny day..."

And now that he goes to school everyday and have even more chance to be near teachers, when he is at home, he will take his storybooks, put on his lap facing outward and start telling stories..

Many a times, the stories are just babbling but you catch phrases here and there of words he is familiar with like "Good boy, naughty boy, snowing, raining.. "

Anyway, I discovered a place where you can find good and FREE reading materials for your children.

I am vegeterain and I frequent this place called Rice House in Geylang... It is a vegeterian place and they also have lots of free books.. they are mostly buddhist related but if you search carefully, they also teach like good manners, ethics and morals as well. Eg, the book tat Ace is using to tell story now is about behaving well at home..

I have another VCD is the 24 stories of fillial piety that i got from there.. Ace loves the animation and the stories too...

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