Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My mummy go make money lor

The other day, we left Ace at Waipo's house in the evening because both me and Max had some appointments with other people.

Turned out that there was a religion related leader's meeting taking place at her place. So while waiting for the meeting to start, they were playing with Ace (They are familiar with Ace and all love him to bits) and chatting with him. Someone asked Ace, "Ace, where is your mummy?"

"My mummy went to work lor.. so that she can make money so that Ace can go to school lor..." They were greatly amused and kept asking Ace to repeat this...

My mum says "How can a young child say this? This is too mature a child.."

But I beg to differ... his maturity actually comes from me because I was the one who keeps telling him that I am out to make money so that he can enjoy a good life... he is merely repeating what I told him....

Daddy corrected Ace though.. "Ace.. Mummy did not go and work... Mummy just went out to make LOTS OF MONEY..."

PS: My mum told me that Ace went to school early the other day and since he was the first kid there, he talked and talked and talked to Teacher Erica who was on morning duty. Teacher Erica told my mum later that Ace speaks really well. "He told me that his mummy has to go to work, she is very busy..." Haha.. i am amused!

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