Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to me ;)

I am officially 31 today ;)

Time flies hor, I am officially in my 30s already.. want to siam also cannot..

Thank god though, I think I look much better and younger than I was than when I was

Have since celebrated my this year's birthday quite a few times.. haha ;)

The first time, we celebrated my Chinese birthday at a hotel stay..

You can see the pics HERE:

And then me and Max went to Bali for a short trip as well.

When it came to birthdays, ACE is always excited.. that is cos he loves to sing the birthday song.. however, irregardless of whose birthday it is, he will always sing "Happy Birthday To ACE CHUA..."

So during my birthday when we were singing song, Ace insisted that we have to sing it twice because the first time we did not sing "Happy Birthday To ACE CHUA...".. Funny kid ya?:)

Anyway, you can check out my Bali trip pics here ;)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday To You !!!
May ALL Your Wishes Come True !

Pus said...

Hello Mommy Ace. Happy Birthday to you. Our birthdays are one day away from each other.

May all your dreams come true and always be happy with the loved ones closed to you.


FF said...

haPPy BirTHdaY Angel!!!!!!

Have you seen what clari wrote about you??? So touching...

I think may she was crying when thought abt leaving you, ace, max and your daddy & mummy soon.

Janice said...

Hi Angel, Happy Birthday to you.
Not sure if you remember me, I'm Janice, and our sons are about the same age.
Anyway, just want to ask you about your trip to Bali, cuz we are also thinking of going without the kids...
Did your go on your own or with a tour group? How long was the trip? and how did your know the places and go about?
Maybe you can email me back at

Thanks alot!:P


<*ANGEL*> said...

THank you all! :)

Pus: Happy belated BD to you too ;)

Janice: Yes I remember you ;) I had a free day tour and it was 4 day three nights.. tour guide brought us around and asked us where we wanted to go...

Book a tour with a tour guide.. there is alot of sight seeing to do as they have lots of art gallery, country side plantations, volcanoes, temples.. u can email me if you need more details ;)

Janice said...

Hi Angel,

forgot your email add...
can u email me ur email add?
My email is


<*ANGEL*> said...

my email is ;)