Sunday, August 03, 2008

Unnatural Smiles

As kids grow up, they will be happy no doubt but initially when children grow up, they just don't really know how to smile naturally for the camera.. I read somewhere that all children are like tat.

Ace is not different...

He smiles like that when he purposely tries to smile for the camera.

So I told him that in order to smile nice, he should really be happy and think happy thoughts... "For example, you can think of your favourite things and what you love most in the world. What do you love most in the world, Ace?"


Wah! I feel dam shiok!

"What else leh?" I asked him.


I am thinking we did not waste all the time, effort and money we invested in this little monkey...

"What else leh?"


"Yes, very good, you should always love yourself.. " I told him.

And then when I continued to ask him what else, he started to give me this cheeky look. Ever since he started to have a sense of fun and humour, whenever he gives me a wicked cheeky look, I know he is going to say something funny.

"So what else do you love?"

"Erm..." He was eyeing on the air con... "I love air con!" he exclaimed. So I played along and said, "huh?!" with a very exegeratted expression on my face....

Ace giggled. "I love the clouds!"

And then I did the exclaimation and we had lots of fun laughing at our silly game...

Haha... I very shiok that I am the thing tat Ace love most in the world.. until the day it become some pretty, sexy girl, I am going to treasure this feeling...
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