Sunday, August 24, 2008

Teach Your Son To Take Picture Lah

Chiching, my very good friend and POV teacher from Taiwan was talking to me on MSN the other day.

And then, out of nowhere, she suddenly told me, "I know you love your son very much lah..."

And I wondered what was all that about...

"Can you use photo of you and your husband for your msn or not?" She asked me. She said I have been using photos of my son for my MSN for the longest time and it is time I used photo of me and my husband..

I think she meant that I have been living for my son for a long time and I should be leading my own life with my husband.. Chiching is a very perceptive person.. even far far away in Taiwan where she cannot see your face, she can feel your energy and tell you what you are feeling and what is happening.. so I decided to listen to her and changed my MSN photo to one of tat of me and Max..

I realized though that in recent months, we haven't taken much photos together at all.. even during our anniversary, we mostly took pictures of each other or of the scenery but not together at all.

I told ChiChing this and she said, "Teach your son how to use the camera and ask him to help you take pictures lah..."

And so I did. This is the end result..

Not bad right, my little protege learns fast ;) haha...

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FF said...

hahaha, nice shooting, ace...

I can see Kentucky uncle right over there and maybe you were having dinner in a pasta restaurant... :)

<*ANGEL*> said...

No lah.. tat one is siglap.. we were having dinner in the Lemongrass Thai restaurant.. you miss thai food or not?:)

FF said...

Kakaka... I seldom take thai food lah, but i told clari that i actually missed KFC & MC very much... :)

Eventhough i have not yet walked in any fast food shop,i know for sure the tastes are different.Sorry, i should not mention chicken in front of you... ;)