Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun at the Supermarket

Since I became very domesticated (yes, I cook and clean now), the supermarket is one of the places that I visit very often together with Ace.

And whenever we have nothing to do.. we just go supermarket shopping to waste time..

Actually, our routine is always the same.. Ace and I will walk all the way to NTUC... and when we go inside NTUC.. Ace will help me get a basket.. depending on whether I am in the mood to buy things, we will walk around, aisle after aisle and Ace will take things out and tell me, "I want to buy this.." and then I will put it back after him...
When the basket gets too heavy, I will carry it for him instead.

Sometimes he will run around in the supermarket and then I would lose sight of him.. got me so worried he got a scolding from me.. other times he would fall down when he knock into others but most of the time, he likes to follow families with children older than him...

So, whenever possible, i get him to be in charge of something.. or help me hold something so that he doesn't think about playing with or doing anything else..

His fav is the veggie department because he will put all the diff veggies into my basket.. it is strange though since he doesnt really like to eat veggie even though he is willing to eat them.. it is not like he has some huge passion for veggie.. you know..

Anyway, if he is a good boy, I will buy him biscuits or some snack like lian rong bao or watsoever..

The other day, because we were not really buying anything, he started to play TRANSFORMER using the basket..

Anyway, the NTUC aunties love him and say he very handsome.. haha

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FF said...

Hahaha… ace is trained to be a helpful boy for mummy & a good husband in future :)

By e way, besides NTUC bedok doesn’t have any other supermarkets meh?

<*ANGEL*> said...

Hahaha.. yah, must train from young..

Got lah.. but NTUC is actually nearest to my house.. the rest have to walk longer and furthur.. I lazy to walk far lah

FF said...

kakaka... me too.

When i was staying at AMK,I also like to go NTUC only. The rest of the supermarkets are far away from my house, hahaha...