Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Give You

The concept of sharing has not really settled down with Ace.. every now and then, he will say he cannot share something with Ah Yee or Mummy or Daddy because "THIS IS MINE!" he will say loudly. I think he learnt this from the children he plays with...

Anyway, I was just reading about the 7 signs that show that your children love you and one of them is that they will pick a flower or a rock and give it to you as a present.

Ace has started to do that....

He will crumple some paper together and he will say it is a flower and then he will tell you, "Wo gei ni flower..."

Even though he often asks for presents from us, he doesn't only know how to receive, he gives as well. Give him a paper bag and he will put a variety of toys inside and then take them one by one and give them to various members of the family.

"Wo gei ni de present.." he will tell us. I think he feels good when we say we like the present and thank him. So he will find something else to 'give'.

Another point about how your children show that they love you is that they come to you for comfort and want you to kiss their boo boo when they are hurt or when they fall down.

Every time he has something bite him or that he falls down, he will tell me, "Mummy, you see my leg, pain pain.." And so I will kiss his boo boo and for some unknown reason, after the kiss, all his pains will disappear.

He thinks of this routine as such a normal thing that the other day, he saw a scratch on my leg and asked me, "Mummy, 你在那里跌到.." (Where did you fall down?) I told him I didn't know. He looked at it and then stared into my eyes and asked me, "我kiss kiss你,要不要?" And then proceeded to kiss my boo boo...

Yesterday, I had a sudden streak of pain near my right eye. "Ouch!" I said and pressed hard against the pain hoping that it will go away.

My very concerned son was sitting next to me and happily watching TV. "Mummy, 你的眼睛痛啊?" (Mummy, are your eyes feeling painful?)

I nodded my head.

"我要 kiss kiss.. 要不要..." and did not even wait for a reply and came over to kiss the portion that was painful.

Haha.. miraculously, after he kissed it, much of the pain subsided ;)

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