Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chillaxing At The Balcony

When we were hunting for a place rent after our return from Dubai,we finally picked this house because it is so windy. But the bugs and the construction made it not always possible for us to leave the balcony doors opened.

Of late, Max has discovered that the balcony is really windy and a nice place to chill at night.. and we have been trying to find like a chair or something for him to put there and sit... but to no avail..

And for some reason, he decided to buy two inflatable bags so he can chill there:) Hahahha...

Ace was so excited and wanted to inflate the bag quickly and lie down.. so shiok hor? ;)

Ace loved it so much that he actually brought it to Popo's house so he and Cay can lay down and watch cartoon... hahahahaha..

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