Sunday, October 30, 2016

Croak! Croak!

Since his dad was away, I lazy to cook dinner lah. So I told Ace we will eat his favourite Mac D for dinner.

He said he wanted the mask.. so I bought a Kids meal and a veggie crunch burger for him so I could eat nuggets.

 And that was how he ate his dinner... hahahaha

Looks like he doing some advertisement for the veggie crunch burger... I tried it.. it is not too bad. Actually tasted better than the Dubai Vegetarian burger:)

After dinner, I asked Ace if he would like to go over to Bedok Reservoir to walk walk with me... and go catch some pokemons or spin pokestops along the way and he said ok.

It had been raining and the floor was quite wet. When we reached, we heard this... and I felt Ace grip my arm tightly...

The reason is that there were lots of loud croaking sounds and Ace got frightened. He had never heard toads croak before this and didn't know what that sound was...

I told him it is because it was raining.. the toads are now under the drains and singing.. this is their song... nothing to be afraid of..

I am glad I asked him along to walk walk.. so next time he hears this sound, he will know what they are... Really should bring this boy out more often to nature!

I am very familiar with this sound.. because when I was in P4, my classroom was right next to the eco garden. My primary school is a very very old school.. when it rains heavily, the drains will get flooded and there will be frogs all over the pavements and they will be singing super loudly.... You can barely hear the teacher when she is teaching when that happens! Haha...

Actually, a warm memory on a cold day:)

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