Friday, October 28, 2016

Curry Fish Head With Yeye And Nainai

Since Shushu and Shenshen were not  around, we decided to bring Yeye Nainai out for dinner lah.

Max did some googling and found a curry fish head that had good reviews... so he made a reservation and brought us there..

The restaurant is very interesting.. the decor is all very SG50....

 Can you see the old school post box?

 And the icons of Singapore?

 Even the cashier counter is a old school abacus toy we used to play with:)

 The food is not too bad too:)

 Check out the happy faces of the two old folks ;)

 There is even a poster of an old school bus ticket:)

They also very know how to do business lor... they asked us to hold these and take photo... and there were so many pokemon choices:) in fact, I think they set up lure for you if you are a Pogo player too cos they are just at a Pokestop:)

Glad Yeye and Nainai enjoyed themselves. They gave us a voucher and we passed to them so they could come again if they want ;) I think my parents may enjoy this too..

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