Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gong Gong's Birthday

The last time we brought Gong Gong out for a meal during Fathers Day, Popo said gong gong enjoyed eating something different. So end up, we decided to try something different-- trying indonesian food at Rice Table...

I was quite excited we were going to Orchard.. can catch pokemon... and then I saw this....

It's a pokemon I did not have lor.. sad.... And if it already appeared there.. chances of it appearing again will be veer small lor...

Anyway, when we reached, and were arranging who sit where.. Cay insisted he wanted to sit with his fav Yee Zhang.. Ace insisted he wanted to sit with me.. so there was a merry go round:) hahahaha..

Cay was so happy to eat his fav satay lah... chicken wing lah... and kept asking for more. I thought he will not be able to finish.. he actually did finish and even asked for more!

As for Ace... he kept playing with his phone lor.. sigh....

I later found out why Cay wanted to sit with Yee Zhang...

Kept telling Yee Zhang his mum says that he can only eat either ice cream... or satay.. cannot eat both.. I think he knows once he tells Yee Zhang, he is sure to get both! hahahahah

Gathering everyone together to take photo..

Think my grandma did not know we were taking photo:) hahaha

Afterwards.. whole jim gang had to wait for the kids to finish their ice cream :)

Cay ran around so much till sweat lor.. I think sugar rush!

Boh liao ace playing around with the bottles of mineral water we bought..

Well, I think not only Gonggong enjoyed himself lah.. the kids had great fun too:)

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