Thursday, February 18, 2016

12th ROM Anniversary

12 years ago today... when I was still slim and someone still had hair, we signed on the dotted line and officially became husband and wife. We've had great moments... we've had also big quarrels... we've cried and we have laughed till tears came to our eyes... we've made a cute baby who is turning into a fine, young man... we've spent years living apart in different countries before reuniting again.. we've learnt to appreciate each other more and not to take each other for granted... we've committed to a relationship and a love that I hope, is moving and inspiring to others...

My teacher/friend, Chuck, says that we should always choose to marry someone we are willing to go through hell 5000 times with and I am glad I chose you 12 years ago today.

Your immense love, your generosity, your great/whacky sense of humour, your stability in the time of crisis, your striving always to give me a better life, your loving me and my family with no conditions attached and your making me feel so important means the whole world to me! Thank you dear... for 12 great years! I really love you very much!:)

Kith kith and love you deep deep, 小白菜

That was my LOVE LETTER to Max on my FB page lah.... and as it is a special day, I told him we have to celebrate!

And we did.. first by going to our favorite Malay rice in the morning and then I told him we need to do something SPECIAL! Hahahahaha

So we agreed we will go out for tea in the afternoon....
 That is me camwhoring away in the car... today's curls were done by twirling and tying my hair up...

 We did not know where we were going.. just drove to Joo Chiat area and take our pick lah.. so many small small cafes there...

I saw this interesting cafe... and sort of remembered friends posting about this place and so we decided to go take a look :)

 Very nostalgic brand... and very Singaporean:)

 Menu is a school attendance register! Hahahahah... doesnt it bring back memories?!:)

 Someone even filled it in!:)

 Interesting menu!:)

 We asked the waitress if this works and to our disappointment, she said NO :(

But we both have had this sort of TVs in our homes growing up!:)

 Old school mug:)

 Time for a wefie!:)

 Asked him to take photo of me but he say dun want... so I pout... and then he took photo of me pouting...
 Must be fair.. he take of me pouting.. I must take of him pouting mah:) hahaahhaa

 Max ordered this delicious drink.. is lime squeezed into water.. with flavored ice balls tat are sour plum flavour with sour plum inside. Initially I thought the ice balls are ice.. but turns out to be shaved ice packed into shape of balls.. tastes heavenly!:)

 I had a iced longan:)

 Our food came! Max ordered roasted potato with curry.. we are thinking we can make this using our airfryer!:) hahahahaha

 My har cheong gai burger is so big...

 How am I going to finish???!!! Headache!

 So I donated the buns to Max to eat with the curry and I just eat the patty:) hahahahaa

 when our durian dessert came.. we started to take pictures... wah.. the dessert so much lor... and is durian with coconut ice cream, gula melaka shavings and breadcrumbs... balance and nice! 绝配!

Ah... such a satisfying meal:)

I think Ace will like the dessert.. next time must bring him here:)

Though our celebration this year was simple like our 11th anniversary and not as elaborate as our 10th anniversary were we celebrated in W Hotel... It is still a happy one!:)

Just so we can take a trip down memory lane...
I realized in the earlier years, because the blog was purely about Ace, I did not blog about any of my anniversaries ;) But based on what we have done so far.. my guess is we would have gone on a trip or would have had a meal somewhere... hahahahaha...


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