Thursday, February 18, 2016

Class Dojo

And so, this year, Ace's teacher is this young chap who is naturally more IT savvy.

Ace came home one day and told us to sign up for this app called Class Dojo.. and we did:) It works like the class page we had when we were in Dubai.

The teacher will update us and send us messages whenever something out of ordinary happens in school and every now and then, he would post some pictures of the kids so parents can see what their are doing in school ;)

It is quite cool:)

 Class photo from the app. I have mosaiced away his first row classmate's faces cos not everyone is comfy about their faces appearing on the internet:) those second row onwards are not so clear so I din do so...

 This his Ace and his group- from his Divergent Class- Abnegation group....

I like this photo cos they all look so happy and most importantly, you can see their CNY decoration behind.

His form teacher is also his PE teacher and so he took this picture and sent to me:) Naise:)

I thought all classes used the app, and found out from my friend that her daughter's class did not use this app.

Anyway, Max has been going into the app regularly to see pictures and to check Ace's progress.. cos every week the app will tell you that either they get one more point or one less point in this week because of what they have done.

Example, they get points if they have a creative answer or did something well... sometimes as a group, sometimes individually. But leh, they will also lose points for not handing their homework on time:) hahahaha... so everytime Ace never hand in homework.. we will know and ask him why:) hahahaha....

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