Monday, February 01, 2016

World Table Tennis Tournament

When the mum is away, the table tennis guys are out to play:)

When I was away in Hawaii, Max and Ace had lots of time together and so leh, they took out the dinner table tennis set and played again...

The other day, it was time to visit Yeye and Nainai and Ace and his dad had the brilliant idea of bringing the set over to Nainai house to play with Yeye...

Yeye had been an avid badminton player since young and has without fail, been playing weekly every Monday for many many years.

Since his operation though, he has been afraid to venture out and exert too much strength and because he has stopped all sports activity, his muscles have degenerated and so now he aches here and there whenever he starts to walk a little... we have been doing our best to get him active and have been encouraging him to go back and play badminton with his friends but he kept saying that he doesnt want to. Probably because his legs are weak and he is also not confident that his wound will stay closed up....

So that day, after tennis, Ace and his dad went over with the dinner table tennis set and after dinner, the boys started playing lor. Shushu was at home too and so Yeye, Shushu, Max and Ace played against each other while Nainai looked on and became official photographer and videographer:) hahahaa

Because Shushu was from the school team, he was the natural winner.

I asked Max if Yeye complained of aches the next day and he said, "No lah.. he was aching on that very day!"

I think he must have enjoyed himself very much too because shortly after, they actually bought a NEW larger, rectangular dining table that looked more like a tennis table! Hahahahaha..

Plus, over new year, when I visited and chatted with Nainai, she told me that Yeye went to play badminton with his friends the other day and came home complaining of hand aches after stroking for a while.... But I am so glad that he is at least out and trying to get active:) Good job to Ace and Max who came up with this brilliant idea!

Anyway, here is a video that Nainai took of the "tournament":) ENJOY!:)

PS: On Sunday, Max had to do a run and so he left Ace at Nainai's house. Ace was so happy cos Shushu brought him to 7 Eleven for some Uncle & Nephew time and bonded over slushy and poppin candy:) hahaha...

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