Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LCS Arcadia CNY Party

Our Lions Club is having a CNY party and since Ace is such an important part of our journey with the club, we decided to bring him along:)

Our friend, Mag, made lots of lovely vegeterian dishes and this vegeterian fish is something she made from scratch:) Looks good and tastes yummilicious!

Though Veron was unable to be here, she sent vegeterian satay and Ace was so happy that he ate 3 sticks of it at one go!:)

Then of course there is the best vegeterian ็›†่œin the whole world! So yummy! I always cannot get enough of it:)

Cos there were no other kids his age, Ace was rather bored at first and he tried to keep himself entertained... By pretending he is a magician who can let the balloon float in the air...

Actually the balloon is floating in the air cos it is flying on top of an aircon vent:) hahaha

But Ace made himself useful by helping out with the Lou Hei ;)

Vegeterian Lou Hei:)

We finally ended at 10 plus and reached home at 11 or so.. poor Ace slept in the car and then went to bed immediately after bathing. He was so tired the next day...

But, it's CNY mah... just once in a blue blue moon he gets to do that onli:) haha...

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