Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

The day before Valentine's Day, I jokingly asked Max "where is my present?" And he said he bought it already.. but he hid it in the house and asked me to search for it myself.

I laughed it off and went to bed.

The next day, early morning, Max called me and told me that someone is here to delivery something and that I should open the door for the delivery guy.

So leh, I woke up, bleary eyed, hair still messy like a bird's nest and went to open the door in my PJs in my half awake state....

So paiseh when I opened the door... hahahaha..

Turned out it was a delivery person delivering flowers from my favorite guy on earth!:)

I was pleasantly surprised and though I went like "aiyoh, why spend money on this?" in my mind... but the flowers created this flash of memory of all the love and sweetness and our love together and they passed through my mind in a flash as well and I really appreciated this bouquet of flowers:)

But leh, our good fren hor.. send nice flowers liao go and post the above in chatgrp and say pple should send this.. at least can use to make dinner:) hahahaha...

The next day, I told Max we should take some photos with the bouquet like we usually do....

We trying to make our fat faces slimmer!:) hahahaha

Anyway, this year not much of a celebration since it is CNY :)

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