Friday, February 19, 2016

POV CNY Gathering

It is gathering after gathering this CNY :)

Because Ace ate a whole tub of pineapple tarts one shot and drank LOTS of sugared drink... he was down with flu.

Worst still.. he ate medicine, got better and passed the flu to me.. so I was quite sad that I was feeling rather sick by the time it was time to do gathering with our POV frens at Ai Ai's house...

Chef W slow cooked this overnight to welcome us!:)

The early birds...

As it turned out, there were 4 birthday boys celebrating their birthday this month!:)

The very impressive chef Veron bringing her own VEGETARIAN HOT POT.... Yes, she brought her own pot and her own stuff to do bbq hot pot... and cooked for the vegetarians.. Max says it was really yummy and poor Ace did not have much of an appetite.. I am so inspired to also buy one so we can do the same at home:) hahaha...

Chef Elaine brought marinated mushrooms that were marinated in corriander seeds and lots of condiments that smell heavenly!:)

Just FYI, I brought all the leftovers home and made super delicious fried udon with the leftovers on another day! Well marinated things really taste different! Din even have to add new condiments for taste!

Though Ace was sian initially cos he was sick but then leh, he got bz and kept going to the house to help get this and that and made himself useful by helping with this and that. Elaine bought YUZU drink and Ace scrapped out the yuzu fruit we had to add to the drink and served people who asked for the drink.. hahaha.. Veron says it tastes very nice!:) hahaha...

The BBQ ended at around 10pm and we adjourned to their place to continue:)

I spent most of my time lying down on the most shiok sofa ever... cos the sofa has a button you can press to almost fully recline.. the other girls took turns to sit in the OSIM massage chair.. hahahaha..

The guys? They just stand around and continue to drink lah:) hahahaha..

Huat ah!

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