Tuesday, February 02, 2016

New Hair Do For New Year

So it is new year and after coming home from Hawaiii, I made an appointment to get my hair done...
And my friend who is also my stylist did these big big curls that I thought were dam nice lor!!!

They were so nice... afterwards.. on my way home... I took countless selfies!!!!:) Too bad I din have any make up on...

Came home and Ace was very excited to show me the Chinese painting he did in Mother Tongue Fortnight... Last year he did Chun Lian... I told him his painting is very nice:) So he displayed proudly at the fridge:)

One more selfie..

Then hor, I tried to recreate this look lor..

According to my stylist fren, Leslie.. this is how it is supposed to be.. LOOSE, BIG CURLS.. which are what I have been dreaming of all  my life! I love big curls like these but never got around to perming my hair this way cos I always cannot stand it when my hair got too long and chopped it off:)

And so this is after many tries and after a long long time standing in front of the mirror... very tiring lor.. I take two min to make up but 30 min to blow dry my hair.. kauz, if looking beautiful is this much wk, I think I will rather look UGLY:) hahahahaha

My third try... curls are still not loose enough.. but my shifu says I have improved!:)

Someone else got a haircut too.

He went to this barber near our place and usually, Ace does not like to put anything on his hair.. But hor, after he finished cutting before Ace can say anything, the barber gel his hair up lor... Kind of those Mat Rock look and looks a little like those hollywood style hairdo too... hahahaha....

Max says instead of looking annoyed, Ace's eyes lit up and I think he really liked it and thought it was cool!:)

But hor, the straweberry gel smell is so strong our whole house reeked of strawberry for two days even after he washed it off:) hahaha

I thought Ace liked this look cos he looked so happy and proud with the hairstyle and suggested that he get some gel and redo it.. but he says he doesnt like it liao...

As for Max, this is his perpetual hairstyle.. new year or not:)

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