Monday, February 08, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

 This new year is a little different....

Mainly because it is the first new year we will be celebrating without Laoma....

After an uneventful one where Laoma was in hospital and Max's dad was recuperating after an operation, this year is a little more lively.. But I havent had much time to get into the new year mood since I only returned to Singapore a few days before new year ;)

 Hopefully, year of the monkey will be a good one for all of us:) Huat ah!

 On the Friday before new year, we picked Ace up after his tuition and brought him out for dinner. He asked for Japanese food and Ace again ordered his new favorite-- Udon noodle soup with yasai tempura...

 As my sis had a to do reunion dinner with her husband's family on New Years Eve, we did it on the eve of eve instead...

This year, my dad suggested that we don't do steamboat and instead fry various dishes as there will be less leftover. I don't understand why he cannot just buy less steamboat stuff.. I really think steamboat is way easier lor:) hahahaha....

 Mostly vegeterian dishes:)

 With only one meat dish.. which is DUCK:)

We also did our CNY reunion dinner with Max's family in advance because my SIL was going back to Vietnam to help her parents out with the busy CNY prep..  so we were actually very free on CNY Eve.

As it was a rare sunday that I dun have zumba and Max dun have soccer, he suggested that we go out somewhere for breakfast...

He said he booked the place but did not tell us where it is....

 On the way to our secret breakfast place:)

 Turns out we were headed for Wild Honey in Mandarin Hotel.. Max and Ace checking out this bicycle and explaining what is a dynamo while waiting for our table to be ready..

 Ace was very hungry and hence this look:)

 Our table is finally here... dunno wat to order lor:) hahaha.. This is Ace's upset look cos his dad asked him to keep his phone and stop looking at the phone all the time when the family is out for a meal:)

 Beer at brunch lor...

 Where is my food? where is my food? where is my food?

 My drink... grapefruit soda:) Actually quite nice!

 Max is very happy with his Mexican wrap:)

 Ace absolutely loves his mango waffles lor:)

 I decided to do the turkish one again:) Must find a day to cook this at home...  yummy!:)

After we finished our breakfast, we went to jalan jalan...

 Ace was so excited when he saw this vending machine tat sells among many other things-- power banks!:) ahahhaha...

 We thought of watching a movie and went to the cinema to check out what shows there is but alas, there is not much nice shows to be found and so we went home lor...

In the evening, we went to have dinner with Yeye and Nainai and I spent alot of time chatting with my MIL cos we havent chatted in a long while becos I went to Hawaii for two weeks...

At night, Max says he is going out to meet his friends for their annual CNY eve Chinatown trip and somewhow, I was so super tired I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 6am the next day to wrap ang pow and do spot cleaning!:) hahahahha

Start of CNY Day 1
Since we had less places to go to this year (cos there is a change of plans), we only needed to meet much later at 11... and so we went bright and early to mac donald to eat breakfast lor:)

 I sat there and did people watching... Only Chinese old uncles and aunties went to Mac D for breakfast lor:) hahahaa.. I wonder why they are in Mac D and Max says they are probably like us.. here to eat full full and go visiting!:)

 My son really loves school lor... wear school socks and school shoes when he went CNY visiting:) hahaha

When we went to visit Dua Laopek, he even brought a bag of toys so he could go play with his cousin Cliona!;) The two cousins hor, really Chua Family... so same pattern one lor.. like the same toys like trash pack, love jap food and share same sense of humour lor;) Even though they really only meet like once a year.. they always can pick up from where they left off the year before:) hahaha

 Ace says he is so dressed up he feels like he is going to work:) And since he is so nicely dressed up.. of cos must take some pictures ;)

In the afternoon, we went to meet Popo and Ah Yee so we can visit Gohonzon together... and while we were chanting, Max discovered that Ace has white hair lor! Three strands in fact! And he kept laughing at him that he has grown older... But I told Ace it is normal to have one or two strands lah. I started having when i was very young also:)

 Reached home and found that our fish just shitted a floating shit... incredible that it is upright like a snake:) hahaha.. HUAT AH!

Then in the evening, we went to Yeye's house for the annual party.... We are so happy that our fren Adam and his family (from Qatar/Penang)  joined us this year since they were visiting in Singapore:)

 Everyone had such a great time chatting we arranged to meet again the following week ;) hahaha

Day 2 of CNY...

 Went visiting at Lao Khim's house and Ace finished this whole can of pineapple tarts which was FULL when we arrived.. sigh.. and then few days later sick lor... and spread to me lor...

 I remembered we havent taken family photo.. so take lah..

Usually we will go to visit Laoma after this. This year, our cousins requested to change to another day so we decided to only meet up over the weekend.

Since we had nothing to do, we went home to zzzz:) hahahaha

Wake up liao.. din know wat to eat leh.. and we did the very Singaporean thing of going to our fav KNS restaurant (I kid you not, it is really called KNS but it doesnt mean "Kanasai"..... It is short form for the restaurant owner's name) and eat indian muslim food for dinner:)


And then, end of story liao lor.. tomorrow already back to school... sian...

But I am glad we had a rather relaxing new year this year:) Huat ah!

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