Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dubai Kaki CNY Gathering

 Haven't seen our Dubai friends for a long while and it was great to met up with them at a CNY gathering when the Harveys, HL and WL were back home for CNY period.

It was a day of meeting friends... we ate at Rice Table and ended up that half the restaurant is made up of pple we knew. We saw another Dubaian at another table.. and I met a long time friend and Max also met his ex colleagues there.. it was like the whole world was there:)

Ace was just super happy tat he can eat his favorite kang kong:) haha.

The last time we met baby Kimbo, she was still a tiny tot.... now she is a little girl but she has forgotten us lor... and Uncle Max who played with her... Max tried very hard to take a picture with her.. hahahaha

We left early but reached home a little too late.. reached home liao then Ace told us he still has homework. I told him to go to bed lah... just tell teacher because he had remedial lessons followed by tuition followed by CNY dinner, so he got no time to do.. and promise to hand in the next school day...

Max was all for finishing up then go to bed or waking early to do... I was all for SLEEP lah.. do later when got time cos at this age, sleep is MOST IMPORTANT for growth and having a productive day the next day. We left it to Ace to decide though and he choose to SLEEP... Haahaha...

Sidetrack a little here...

The other day, I was chatting with Nainai and she told me that the other day when Ace visited them, Yeye was complaining that he only has one grandson and no other grandchildren cos we stopped production and Shushu and Shenshen are not quite ready to have children yet...

So Nainai turned and asked Ace... "Why you never ask your daddy and mummy to give birth to one more sibling to play with you?"

To which Ace retorted... "Nainai, I already asked leh.. I asked when I was 3 years old.. I asked again when I was 4.. I asked again when I was 5 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Now I am already going to be 11 leh... Still must ask leh? I think give up lah..."

His answer had Yeye and Nainai doubled up in laughter lor.. hahahaha..

And Nainai said to me after recounting this story..."Ace is so funny lor.. how come he talk like that... Really laugh die us lor..." Hahahahhaa..

When I asked Ace about it later, he said he was not trying to be funny... he was serious about his reply! hahahahaha...

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