Thursday, February 04, 2016

Keng Lye: Alive Without Breath

 Some time back, I saw many people posting about this art exhibition by this artist called Keng Lye on Facebook.

The pictures were interesting because I thought they were real animals but turned out it is just art made with acrylic!

The other day, I was in the vicinity and thought I could just pop by to take a look and the exhibition and it was breath-taking!:)

 Oh goody, noone there since it was a weekday afternoon! I had the whole exhibition room to myself and I can take photos without any EXTRA background props:) hahahahaha

 He has various ways of getting these artworks done. This series is more 2D. He added the resin and then painted layer by layer as he adds more resin... so it doesnt look so 3D...

 But it is very detailed... here is a close up to let you have an idea of the detail he goes into.. I think if I put my goldfish there, he will be so happy and swim around in alot of circles cos he thought these are all his friends!:)

 This one is a collaboration with another artist and is titled BAD HAIR DAY:) hahahahaha

 The frog in tin is also 2D....

 This turtle is more 3D and made using another technique.. Apparently the protruding top that adds to the illusion of it being real is made from and eggshell!:) hahaha

 This fighting fish is very interesting.. it is red on one side..

 And blue on the other...

 The whole jar is made of resin actually and it is a 2D painting technique and that is why from a certain angle, this is all you see of the fish.. flat sheets of it:)

 When I showed Max this photo.. he was amazed at the amount of detail put in cos you can see the innards of the prawns! I really cannot imagine it is merely painted...

 I wonder how he made the ripples...

 Close up of the fish so you can see all the details...

 Even the leaves have so much detail...

 This piece of work is interesting.. two dead fish outside and some live ones swimming in the bowl... Too bad the reflection is bad and so I couldnt really take a good picture of it...

 This piece.. if you look closely you can see lines... apparently, the fishes are made of resin.. and painted in fish colours.. and then added in fish by fish as he added the layers so that he can space them out:) How I know? The girl who works there told me lah...:) ahahhaa

 That is why if you see from this angle, you can see they are 3D and not flat like the fighting fish..

 Close up of the guppies so you can see the detail:)

 Again, I wonder how he made the ripples from the top view...

 The frogs are 3D no doubt but  I am most impressed with the tiny fishes that look so real!:)

 If I just showed you this picture, I bet you will think this is a real fish:)

And, that was the end of the exhibition.

Hopefully I will have a chance to bring Ace there cos I think he will enjoy it too:)

On the way home, saw this polka dot owl... so cute right.. so I took a picture of it:)

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