Monday, February 22, 2016

Lucky Stab

 During the CNY period.. .we saw a video of someone playing with this toy as CNY game.. and we were like.. wah lau, we also can play lor.. cos we have the same toy!:)

So we brought the toy over to Yeye's house to play with them...

 First thing to do is set the rules.. 20 cents per try and winner takes all... whoever makes the pirate head pop out will win all....

Then leh, have to exchange all your capital into twenty cent coins...

 And the game starts.. in the running are... Max, Ace, Shushu, Shenshen, Yeye (who is a team with Nainai)... As for me? I am official photographer:)

 EVeryone quite reserved and cool at the start...

 Then we started becoming noisier:)

 Then Ace lots almost all his money (he only exchanged $2 worth of twenty cent coins) and started to sulk....

So I reminded him that "Good luck will only come to happy people leh..."

The minute I reminded him that, he started smiling and singing.. "I am very happy.. I am very happy, happy!"

And the next thing you know.... he won a big win! And he was so happy he was laughing like a hyena! hahahahahaha

And this reaffirmed that what I said is true... so he started smiling more and singing his happy song:)

And then he had another big win again!

And Ace happily kept his money and said, "I don't want to play liao!"

To which the other players say he cannot stop cos they need to win back their losses. hahahaha... And so Ace came up with the brilliant idea of keeping some of the money he won and use the rest to play..

And then after that, he won again!

This time round, Shushu, Shenshen and yeye were down on chips and so the abundant and generous little boy started sharing his wins with them to help them out.

And hor, whoever took Ace's heng heng money also slowly started to win:) hahahaha...

 On a winning streak again! Woohoo!

So now he believes that being happy will bring him luck..he keeps singing the happy song:) hahahaha

Here is a video of him winning and singing his happy song;)

 But leh, everytime Ace won money, he kept giving every one money. I wondered if he is doing it out of wanting to give or is it as some form of compensation... he says it is sportsmanship to help others in need. But even when others had money, he was still giving them... so I told him while it is great he is a generous giving person, he also needs to learn to receive and accept his abundance!:)

 Then we had a break to lao yusheng:)

 Before we go through the toto.. Everyone's toto ticket buang...

So leh, we thought more worthwhile to continue playing lucky stab:) hahaahha

The final score? I think Ace is the biggest winner.. cos Max and Ace won most and Max gave all his winnings to Ace. Yeye also won.. but shushu and shenshen negative figure:) But everyone agreed that it is very good game and that we should play again:) hahahaha

And then it was time for table tennis again!:)

Very happy to announce that our weekly dining table tennis sessions have made Yeye so confident that he has started going to visit his friends when they play badminton and also playing a little here and there when he visits them:)

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