Saturday, July 30, 2005

Early Bird Catches The Worm

I didn’t really sleep well last nite.

My baby fed at 12 midnite, slept n woke up at 2.30am. I don’t quite remember how long I fed him then..

Heck, I don’t even remember how I fed him cos I was too zonked out!

And then, somehow from 4.30am onwards, he just woke up every hour. I think he didn’t have enough milk. I am trying to increase milk supply by expressing so last night he did not have a lot to drink since most of it is saved in the fridge. ;)

As I was so tired I could hardly think. I just grabbed him, put him beside the nipple and left it to him to decide where or how to suck. I think he was tired too and he just anyhow suck and slept again.

Finally at 6.30am, he woke again, sucked and when he finally fell asleep at 7am, I decided to wake up and do some housework before he wakes up. I read somewhere that day that sales people who were lagging in sales just have to wake 30 min earlier everyday.

Well, I used to wake at 11am everyday when I was pregnant. During confinement, I would wake at 9am. I am waking 4 hours earlier now! I will SURE get a lot done man!

True enough, I washed bottles, vacuum, fold clothes, feed him again, reply email, bathed him, had breakfast, steamed bottles… all by 9am in the morning which is my usual wake time. Wah.. I am so impressed with myself. No wonder people say early bird catches the worm.

One thing though. I feel like I am becoming a huang lian po (yellow faced woman: aka- housewife dressed in drabs). Even when I go to office, I cant seem to think too much about the biz. (I am self employed by the way.)

My brain is tuned to things like: is the baby fed? Have I washed the clothes already? Are there enough diapers? Did I wash the bottles? Did he wet his diapers? Did he catch a cold?

I am even starting to think things like, “Hiya, dress up and cut my hair for what.. on one will see anyway..”


Friday, July 29, 2005


We were on our way to office yesterday when we saw a really stupid merc driver.

“Wah lau, so stupid!” exclaimed my husband.

He isn’t one to be exasperated easily but he has this thing about stupid motorists out on the roads. The driver of the RED Merc belonged to the category.

“It is strange why most of the Merc drivers are stupid you know…” my husband laments. And because of my many scary experiences with merc drivers, I agree wholeheartedly.

But wait! What if we upgrade our FORD Focus into a Merc in future? Wouldn’t WE become STUPID????

“No lah, I dun intend to buy Merc. I will drive a BMW!”

Alas, my son, Ace, is riding in a mini Merc right now ;) But he aint no driver yet so I guess that will safely take him OUT of the ‘stupid’ category. :P

It’s funny. We had wanted to buy a BMW (Lucky Baby; bright orange, sporty pram) for him.

During full month, our well-meaning friends shared and bought us pram when we told them we haven’t bought that yet. But try as they might, they couldn’t locate any ORANGE PRAM in the stores.

The only orange one they could find is THIS->

I seriously think Koreans are dam lousy spellers. (Lucky Baby is a Korean brand. Listen to their kuku brand name and you know how good their England is…) How in the world can this colour be termed as ORANGE??!! It is labeled ORANGE on the box and well, because of it’s many functions (we requested for 4 wheel drive), our fren, who is a mother herself chose this over another model.

The moment we set our eyes on the pram, we thought to ourselves, “Wah! Mercedes ah!”

I think my son born having a good life of luxury man. I am 28 years old and can’t even SMELL my dream car ( Pearl White Lexus Rx 300). And he is only 1 month old and being chauffeured around in a Mercedes.

Somemore, the one we wanted to buy is only hundred plus.. this one that we have now is $200+ okay! Merc C CLASS!;) Hiaks…

As they say, tong ren bu tong ming. Sigh…

Battlefield Day 2: Practice Makes Perfect!

Steady lah. Day two is relatively more easy. Now that I kind of understand my baby more.. I diligently change his diapers when he poops, feed him before he asks me to do so and wallah!

Today I actually had the time to sit down and update my blog, reply emails, cook soup, wash his clothes, set up his play gym for him to entertain himself.. etc

Later, I will vacuum the floor and maybe steal a nap. I better go and bath now before he wakes up! Yikes! J:)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Battlefield Day 1: A BIG MESS

Ok, I take back what I said yesterday about wanting to spend 24 hours alone with my son.

I now realize it is not as easy as it seems. Confinement nannies are indeed godsent! :)

As of yesterday night, my confinement nanny, Yu Hua Aunty went back home and it has NOT been a breeze at all.

I was blur, confused, a little lost and it doesn’t help that my big baby (my husband) was about to be down with flu.

My battlefield sked goes like this:

6pm: Have dinner with hubby and confinement nanny and send her home. Baby starts crying towards the end of the dinner and refuses to stop crying despite me assuring him that he is reaching home soon and that I promise to feed him soon. Sigh…

7pm: Feeds baby while I watch one of my favourite shows, Tong Xing Yuan. He ‘pui’ my nipple after a while and pretends to sleep. Only to wake up like 15 minutes later to ask to be fed again. Why cant he drink everything at one shot leh?

8pm: I receive sms from Sinclair, my ex colleague that she is visiting me in half an hours time. Shit! I better feed my son full full.. if not will have to sit in room to feed him while visitors are here. But he keeps spitting out my nipple after a short while. I have a bad feeling that tonight, milk supply is not really alot...

8.30pm: Sinclair and her husband, Bill are here. Ace was feeding halfway. I finish within 5 nminutes so that they can see him. We talk, he sleeps for like 5 minutes and wakes up again.. in a short while, he asks to be fed again and my poor visitors leave just 30 min after stepping into my house.

9.00pm: He is feeding again! Just as well.. I am watching my favourite show anywayz. He drinks for a while and pretends to sleep.. after a while, he wakes and starts to drink again.

10.30pm: I decide to put him to bed. I switch off the lights and switch on some nice music. This is the first day he is sleeping in my room. I hope he gets used to it.

11pm: He doesn’t sleep long and cries for milk. Maybe he is crying for me. I don’t know. But in that case, I decide that I will sleep together with him to make him feel good.

11.40pm: He cries yet AGAIN! This time, I decide that I will make him formula. He seems to be VERY HUNGRY. Max makes him 120 ml of formula and he finishes in a short while. He wouldn’t even let the nipple go when he is done. Shit, I hope he doesn’t wake up too early tonight. We burp him and walk him around.. finally to bed at 12 midnite.

1.20am: Oops. Usually formula lasts him about 3-4 hours. He is SUPPOSED TO wake up at 3.30 am but there he goes. I talk to him and shake him a little and put him back.

No good. He wants to be fed.

I feed him and he sleeps within like 5 minutes.

2.30: He makes noises. I pat him and he goes back to bed

6.30am: Since 2.30am, he has woken up once EVERY HOUR. Everytime, if he doesn’t sleep after some patting, I feed him for a while and put him back to bed. Oh dear, will I have enough milk in the morning if he is feeding so frequently?

7am: He wakes up together with Daddy and as Daddy leaves home for work. He decides that he wants breakfast and cries again. I feed him and he is pacified for a while. I feel a little lost and don’t know what to do… I decide to cook his bottle and cook more bottles for me to express if there is a chance.

I play music for him and teaches him his ABCs. I play his daily game of finding where various body parts are and he loses interest halfway and asks to be fed.

8am: He has been feeding on off on off for the past hour. I decide that it is late enough to start bathing him and start to prepare to bath him. I boil water as his asks to be fed again and I tell him that I will feed him after I bath him.

I try to imitate what I saw aunty doing when bathing him. But after I dry and dress him, I realized that I forgot to wash his ears. Bah, will do that tomorrow.

9am: He starts his on off feeding again. I am going crazy. Why wouldn’t he just finish his feeding all at one shot????

I attempt to wash clothes, do my daily prayers and clean the house in between feedings.

11am: He finally sleeps! Yipee! I login and check my emails, write my blog… and I quickly eat an apple for breakfast. You heard me right. I wake at 7am and have breakfast at 11.

11.30am: Good things dun last forever. He wakes and asks to be fed. Just as he is about to sleep… I am feeling very hungry but he wouldn’t stop sucking and wouldn’t sleep. I can’t go and eat. I am so hungry I wonder where all the milk is coming from since I only had an apple.

“DING DONG!” Help is here! My parents are here and I am so glad to see them!!!!!

12.15pm: My parents have gone home after feeding me n fixing the pipe. What would I do without parents!

My baby cries again and I feed him AGAIN. I then decide to nap with him. But every half an hour, he cries and I just feed him lying down. I am too tired to care.

1.15pm: I wake up and thought I could have some time to myself but I think we have telepathy. He wakes up the minute I get out of bed and cries. He wets his nappy again like for the 4th time today after his bath!

2.40pm: I clever now. Just now at 2pm, I started feeding him properly 15 minutes on both breasts to make sure he is full. Off to polyclinic now for his first jab of the month ;) Looks like it works! He is very happily playing to himself as I type this and get ready to go out! J

5pm: Well, he is indeed a brave boy! Cried for like 2 seconds during his jab and slept through the rest of the journey. I feel so proud of myself for bringing him out alone.:)

He has grown well. Head is now 39cm, weight is 4.67kg and his height is now 59cm ;)

I bath and change and get ready to bring him to office.

11.30pm: Just came back from office. He is a doll! Everyone loves him and says he is cute. He just slept through most of the whole experience. But mummy forgot to change his diapers.. he suddenly decided to poop after not shitting for 3 days and it came out in one big mess.. his nappy, clothes, everything also kenna poop! Even the pram which he is using for the FIRST TIME also kenna.. maybe should buy 4D huh??:P

Bathed him, fed him again and put him to bed. Afterwhich I expressed the left over milk he did not finish.

A mere 20ml but I am trying to collect the milk he never drink to consolidate into one big bottle.. he drank the 130ml of pre expressed milk I fed him in office so quickly I wonder if he drinks enough when he drinks straight from the breast. But he seems to be growing ok ;)

Finally, bed time. Please, gohonzon, let him sleep till 4, 5am ;) I need the rest!

My Little Man

It was raining…

It hasn’t been raining at all for the past few weeks. And yet tonight, it is raining. What a great weather to sleep in.

We cuddled closer to one another on bed. He is soundly asleep. I put my finger on his smooth, white skin. I traced the outlines of his face slowly.

“What a hunk!” I think to myself. His features were so distinguished. His big round eyes are closed. So I can only admire his long, curled lashes. I just love his soft kissable lips.

I breathed in deeply, inhaling his scent. I am completely mesmerized by him.

I still remember the first time I saw him. He was so handsome, so good-looking I couldn’t help but fall in love with him immediately.

Somehow, he just looked different from the rest. He has about him a certain quality that makes him stand out. Even my sister who usually doesn’t compliment people agrees that he is a great looker.

He opened his eyes and stares deeply into mine. I put my arms around him and ask him, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

He smiles at me and I almost melted! What a great smile! God! I must have done something right in my past life to be so close to someone so perfect!

No wonder my husband is jealous whenever I get to spend time with this special man!

Who wouldn’t want to spend 24 hours a day with such a cute little baby.. especially when he is your own…

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


What is it in a name? To me, it is something you would be listening to for the rest of your life and something that represents you. Maybe even something you might sub consciously live up to. Thus, searching for a GOOD name is TOUGH.

When I was pregnant with my son, I searched very hard for a good name.

The name had to sound good, look good and represent something good. I mean, imagine yourself being name something like ‘Chin Boh Eng’ or even ‘Gan Lina’. My deepest apologies to these people.

After going through thousands of names, I couldn’t find anything to my liking. I decided to give the thesaurus a shot. I looked up synonyms to the words ‘champion’ and finally decided on the name Ace because:

1. It sounds dashing and cool

2. It is short and easy to write

3. Me and hubby want him to grow up knowing that no matter what happens, he is the BEST if he only believes itAnd most importantly…

4. We want him to win at all the new casinos opening up in SG!

Ok, I was kidding about the casinos.

It is strange how different people react differently to this name. Some tell me it’s cool and sounds great! Mostly though, they say things like, “Isn’t that a difficult name to live up to?”

Yet another BREED of them like my sister are just concerned with finding funny things to say about the name. “Hiya, when he plays black jack sure will win ah! All he needs is an ah pek and he can put his face next to the card and say BLACK JACK! Sure win ah!” (I have taken note to let my son spend too much time with this crazy Ah Yee of his in future.)
And the elderly in my family like my My father in law? They are just concerned with the pronunciation of the name.

To give our son a better future, we refered to the ancient art of fengshui. Thus the Chinese name, Cai Yen Feng.

My husband likes it cos it sounds majestic in Chinese. Loosely translated to English, it means ‘strict and sharp’.

So will he end up strict and sharp? Will he Ace in every aspect of his life? I don’t know. It’s too early to tell.

But I think my role as a parent is to do my best to guide him along. The rest is REALLY up to him, don’t you agree?

What’s in MUMMY’S Name

My parents did not refer to fengshui when they named me. Somehow I must say that my name and the names I started to give myself along the way shaped me in one way or another too.

My parents never believed in English/Christian names. My mother, a devoted Buddhist says, “We are not Christians and we are Chinese. It is enough to have a Chinese name.”

I was born Peng Wan Joo. That’s the teochew dialect translation for the name Peng Yuanru. My name means ‘like a garden’. (That is why I pretty like a garden mah)

But when I was young, I was known as Joo Joo. Maybe because it sounds very similar to the Chinese word for pig, “ZHU’. I grew up be quite plump.

Sometimes, my dad would call me ‘Da Gua’ (loosely translated, that means Big Melon). And since melons are ROUND… I guess I still cant run from the fate of becoming plump. :)

In primary school, I was known as Yuanru a.k.a Yuan Ru Qiu (round like a ball) and my teachers often mispronounce the first word of my name and call me Wan Ru, which means ‘Round like a bowl’.


Then when I started working, I was known as ‘Wan Joo’. Whether I liked it or not, by then I was already a ‘zhu’. Was fluctuating from 70-75kg then and that is quite a fair bit of weight for my 165cm frame.

Inspired by a play that I watched, I started calling myself Verity whenever I went online because I liked the sound of this name. I found out later that it means “truth” so I kept using it as I am a sucker for truth and fairness. Somehow though, I just could never bring myself to make it my name.

Along the way, I managed to lose 15kg within 2 months (before after) and went through a turning point in my life. In bid to give myself a new start, I used the nickname my then boyfriend (now husband already lah) gave me as my NEW NAME and thus I am known as Angel every since.

How did I come to be known as Angel? Well, it is all very silly actually. We were then just friends and emailing each other. My husband’s name is Shi Xiong. The word ‘xiong’ sounds like the word for BEAR in Chinese. So my husband calls himself Bear.

There was once he signed off in his email to me as Ur Cute Little Bear and I was like.. purliss lah.. he is such a big tall guy and he is a CUTE LITTLE BEAR??? No way!

So I told him that if he is my cute little bear, I would be his sweet little Angel! And then the name stuck.

But true enough, ever since I had the name Angel, I guess I felt more Angelic and had better temper. Maybe it is also because of the fact that I became vegeterian and that I had gone thorough more in life to appreciate the people around me a little more. Why I even thought I looked prettier- JUST LIKE AN ANGEL!

I guess when you are called something many times.. it goes into your sub conscious mind and you just naturally live up to it..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Grand Day Out

Had a great day yesterday!

First half of the day, I was at home awaiting in anticipation for the later part of the day to arrive because me and my hubby have declared yesterday PART TOR (dating) DAY!

Finally! After one whole month! Some quality time to ourselves. Some time to whisper mushy stuff, cuddle together, hold hands and walk around….

Getting ready was like some ritual….

First must bath until I smell nice nice ;) And then must do my hair, make up, dress up… But no matter how I comb, my hair still in a mess.. darn, will be some time before I can get to visit the hair dresser. And boy, is my hair loooong. Who said it is impossible to survive confinement with long hair???

And then last but not least before I go out, MUST FEED MY SON and ensure that he is FULL ;)

When I asked hubby where he is bringing me and he said, “It’s a secret!”

Oh goody! I love secrets and surprises! :)

In the end? Erm, we ended up in the not so romantic Tampines Mall and had Bi Bim Bap and Cai Tao Kway for dinner at the food court. We also ta pau (takeaway)yam paste from the food fair downstairs for dessert.

After which, we walked around pretending that we were intending to buy phones/ clothes/ baby bottles, etc.. walking around aimlessly has NEVER been so much FUN!:)

When the time was up, we went to watch our FREE movie using tickets tat the Singapore Navy gave to my hubby and boy, was the movie, The Island, COOL!

There was lots of running around.. beautiful faces to look at and a very intriguing storyline. Both of us enjoyed ourselves very much.

But it was a tad disturbing. Especially since I have just given birth so recently!

The movie dealt with cloning and the process was so artificial and surreal but yet very similar to natural births.

They could harvest pple.. make them grow up to adulthood physically by putting them into this huge sac tat represents the ammoniac sac. Likewise, during birth, the ‘umbilical cord (some ugly looking wire tat transfers nutrients to the sac) is cut off, the sac is broken and the ‘baby’ is born.

So strange to see a crinkled adult sucking his thumb and the doctor performing all the tests they do for babies.

That’s not all! Given the fact that I have been studying up and applying about the human’s sub conscious mind. It seems really disgusting that they even sell them deceptive ideas by showing them this video repeatedly. Gee, no wonder child educators say TVs are no good for babies. In fact, children before age 2 should not watch TV at all lest they do not learn how to interact with people properly and lest they pick up loads of rubbish ideas from the media.

Nevertheless, I am glad we enjoyed ourselves. Such a joy to be able to hold my hubby’s hand for two hours non stop during the movie and lie on his shoulders during the scary parts. I am really glad he took effort to plan this and take me out. Really look forward to doing this at least once a month :) (Dear, if you are reading this, this para IS meant for you.. hahaha…)

Anywayz, we went home after that and by then, my breasts were so full of milk they were about to burst open. So I started to express my milk.

Milk Supply Has Increased!

I am happy to announce that milk supply has since increased ;) The first time I expressed my milk, I only managed 10ml after half an hour!!!!! The second time, 70ml. Yesterday, I managed 130ml after half an hour! So proud of myself and so happy I can prepare for the next grand day out. Maybe this time, I will bring Ace along too.. Haha…

But as I was expressing my milk (it is a very boring process cos you have to concentrate and make sure the pump is held against your breast properly and since you have to hold the pump, you dun really have free hands to do anything else), I was asking myself this question:

“How can you express your milk faster if you do not have a pump that can express both breasts at the same time?”

After 3 minutes, I decided that the only way is to feed the baby on one breasts and express using the other so you use one hand to carry the baby one and one to carry the bottle.

Ain’t I a genius!?P

Monday, July 25, 2005

Presenting: ACE CHUA, Future Star :)

We are famous!
We are famous!
We are famous!

Most beautiful mum-to-be 2005 (me lah.. who did you think it was??) and her son are currently featured on Gleneagles Hospital’s website!

Yeap, they visited us and interviewed us on the day after my delivery. Too bad I was allergic to Voltarun (some pain killer they gave to me after my caeser) and had swelling on my face to make me look like the female version of Frankenstein.

Not bad man, my son must be a born STAR.

Since the time he is in my tummy, he has gone on stage countless times. A few times to dance, a few times to give a talk during some training and of cos, a few times during the course of the most beautiful mum-to-be competition.

Maybe he will become a STAR model huh.

Even when he sleep also got pose one ok! Besides, people say he looks like ANG MO KIA.. (caucasian baby) if become model sure very lak gu (popular)one ok!

Maybe he will become an STAR actor.

He is very good at pretending to fall asleep when you carry or feed him, only to wake up the moment his head lands on the mattress of his tiny baby cot.

Maybe he will become an STAR dancer.
When I was carrying him, he would kick when he hears techno music! Hahahahaha…

Maybe he will become an STAR mathematician.
After all, I started education early. When he was about 5 months in my tummy, I already taught him the numbers 1-4 by hitting my tummy to demonstrate and asking him to kick back the correct numbers. I also taught him how to differentiate Left, Right and Centre. (Very useful now for directing his mouth to the nipple!)

Maybe he will become a football STAR.

After all, his favourite hobby is to kick his legs. As it is, since we put the gold anklet on him, he has been happily kicking away because he likes the ling long sound of the anklet.

Maybe he will become a STAR politician.

He is VERY diplomatic. When mummy hasn’t been bathing for one full week and feels like a stink bomb, not one time did he scrunch up his nose and say, “Go away! You stink!”

Maybe he will become a STAR entrepreneur.
When he was in mummy’s tummy and mummy attended a seminar, he raised his hand too when the speaker asked, “Who wants to earn a million dollars?” He even smiled when mummy received the baby bonus letter, waved it in front of him and told him that he is now $3000 richer.

Well, whatever. No matter what he becomes, I am sure he will be Daddy and Mummy’s little star forever.

PS: For the record, my son is still has good manners. Whenever he feels hungry, he still gives the hungry look and kicks his legs. He only cries and make noises when he knows no one is around to see him:)

Also, I have written a thank you email to all those at Parkway Medical who have in one way or another helped me during my stay in Gleneagles. I mean, they upgraded me to a VIP suite (I was staying next to Princess of Brunei okay) and waived ALL CHARGES.

The most impressive part has to be this: The GM of Gleneagles, Dr Low, sent me a thank you letter to thank me for thanking them! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Thanks For Donating To The Ace Education and Diaper Fund

I just found out that it is far more profitable to give birth than to hold a wedding!

Yeap, today is the BIG DAY of my month old baby Ace. We had two baby shower sessions: One in the afternoon for my friends and family, another one at night for the relatives on my husband’s side.

Guest list came to about 100 pax. I think only 80% turned up.

After a generous discount from Victor, the owner of our favorite stall I Circuit Road. [], the total cost of holding the two parties came to $700.

And the total number of ANG POWS we received?


That is excluding:
q $190 worth of vouchers
q Countless boxes of new clothes enough to last him for the next 2 years
q Two play gyms
q A few new toys
q 3 gold pendants
q 1 gold anklet
q 1 musical mobile
q 1 Lucky Baby Stroller
q 1 box of bird nest (for ME)
q 3 Milk bottles
q N number of containers
q 1 food maker
q 1 6-stage feeding bottle

I invited 400 pax to my wedding and had to pay an extra $3500 after deducting ang pows! Isn’t it more profitable to give birth? Hahaha.. ;)

Of course, it could be because of the fact that during my wedding, my in laws invited like so many people that even the aunty from the electrical store downstairs was invited!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the many $20 red packets (Yes, my dear, in this day and age, people still gar gar give $20 for a wedding dinner in Rasa Sentosa) we found came from the strangers we do not really know well.

But all the goodies come at a price ok! You have to answer very TRYING questions like, “DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BATH YOUR SON ALREADY?” The only consolation is that whether the answer is yes or no, we still got to keep the ‘prizes’. :)

(PS: By the way, the answer is YES and NO. I have already watched and filmed how my confinement nanny baths my son. Did my homework but haven’t had a chance to PRATICAL yet:P I shall leave that for when Aunty goes back to Malaysia.)

In case you think I am being mercenary here, let me just assure you that I truly appreciate all the well wishes from our close friends and relatives. I would like to think that this is because they are truly generous people who truly care about my family ;)

Thanks guys! You are the greatest! You have no idea how handy this extra cash will come ;)

Thanks for donating to the Ace Education and Diaper Fund! ;)

Thanks for the many thoughtful gifts! We absolutely love them!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Living in NOsTalGiA..

Boy, am i OLD already... have been living in nostalgia for the past few days...

Was emailing a friend i knew from many moons ago and trying to get him to recall how i looked like.. I found this website tat had my photo by-line in it ( and it brought back many memories and the joy of writing wat i felt, saying wat i want and having people to react to it..

Yeap, i was a Mediacorp writer for its website.. did write ups for its entertainment portal... I enjoyed my job tremendously...

well, at least for a while.. who wouldnt? It's a fabulous job where you get to rub shoulders with stars, have tea, watch movies for free, listen to CDs for free and get time off to shop during off peak hours in the weekdays.. all in the name of WORK! :)

But after 2 years of writing about frivolous stuff like why so and so is dating so and so, i got bored.

One day, during Zoe's press conference where she announced her marriage, a SENIOR reporter (who is like in her forties) asked Zoe, "Huiyu, finally married huh?"

It suddenly dawned onto me that I DO NOT want to end up doing the "Huiyu, how are your kids.." thing when I am 30!!! So I quit...

If I didn't, I might be sharing mummy tips and secrets with her now though... hiaks:)

Well, it has really been many years since i wrote down my thoughts systematically.. used to do this when I was in UNI.. and I would send them out as EMAILS to my friends to keep them updated about wat was happening in my life..

Later, when i got attached.. on and off my many INTERNET ROMANCES (I am married now though...), I would write long emails about my day and send them to my then ex boyfriends... hahaha.. I did that whether or not the relationship was a long distance one.. and even if i met them every single day...

And then... i changed careers, got married and stopped writing.. Maybe cos I barely had time... ok, tat was a lousy excuse... maybe in my pursuit of a different n better life, i started to feel that the need to express my thoughts n feelings were far less important than putting them into action and getting what i wanted... a valuable lesson i learnt over the years...

Well, i just gave birth a month ago n had lots of free time at home.. ever the net freak, i started xploring other's blogs and whimsically decided to start mine.. and here i am.. :)

My boy is turning a month old tomorrow and the confinement nanny is going home soon.. i hope i still have time to continue with it...

As it is, i am typing with my right hand while my left is holding on to my baby as he sucks merrily on my right breast with his eyes closed...

i better finish up cos once i change sides, would be tough to do the same with my left hand...

My baby is done.. and so am I.

Wat perfect timing!?:P