Monday, May 31, 2010

I Want To Be Lao Ban

The other day, because Ace's grandma was not working, I brought Ace over to my in law's place cos it has been ages since I saw my mother in law...

So we were happilty having our meal and when we were done, my son exclaimed that he wanted to be "Lao ban".. I was wondering what he meant and my mother in law explained that Ace always likes to be Lao Ban (the boss) and pretend to cook and sell things...

So I asked Ace, why he has to be selling things when he is a boss.. and if he is selling things, why is it that he must sell food...

"Because I love lor..."

And he proceeded to cook curry puffs for me...

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Portrait

The other day, when I reached home after a full day POV workshop, Ace ran up to me and said, "Mummy, I have something to give you..."

And he went on to give me this beautiful drawing that he drew.... and so I asked him what is this picture about and he pointed to the house and told me, "This is our house... this is the sun and this is the cloud... and we are outside having fun..."

"So who are these 4 people?" I asked him.

"This is daddy, this is me, this is you and this is mei mei..."

Wah.. very good.. already manifesting for a mei mei.. HEE HEE ;) Hope hiromi sensei's gift of birth will be passed to me.. I think I am ready for one more! ;)

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yes, I did it!

The other day, I was bz fiddling around with my computer while watching TV and suddenly, my son exclaimed, "Yes!" And he had a really smug look on his face...

"I did it! Yes! Yes! Yes!" he continued... and I was wondering what did he do to make him so proud of himself...

I turned around and looked at him and he showed me a picture he just took.. "Yes, mummy, I did it! I took a picture of WU SHUANG!" (from the drama, My Queen)

Faintz... hahaha.. but he is really very funny lor:)

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Is It August Tommorrow?

The other day, when i was fetching Ace home from school, out of nowhere, he started an interesting conversation with me....

Ace: Mummy, is tomorrow August?

Me: No, Ace... August is very far away... Tommorrow is only May.
Ace: so far away? so sad.. daddy only back in august... and it is so far away and i never see him for so long
Me: Well, i disucssing with daddy and see if we can visit him for a week or so in july or something...
Ace: How about we visit daddy for many many many weeks.. because i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove dubai
Me: Why do you love dubai? (half expecting him to say Tom and Jerry)
Ace: Because I love lor?
Me: I know you love.. why you love?
Ace: Because it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful!
Me; But dubai dun have alot of food for vegeterians.. you will have to eat roti prata everyday.. you ok or not?
Ace: Ya, I ok.. I will not complain
Ace: really.. i will not complain.. and then everyday I will say (clenches his fist and raise up in the air like when we do 'rugby game' during SCS) " I want to eat prata! i want to eat prata! I want to eat prata!"

Hahahahahaa..*PENGZ* lor!

Max asked me where Ace learnt this from.. I also dunno.. I guess he is just starting to be able to express more of what he thinks lah...

Ace is just so hilarious and cute...

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Crybaby Mummy

The other day, I had a really traumatic day.. it started with Max arriving back in Singapore and me feeling really unhappy cos he was perpetually bz for his short trip back... something or someone is always occupying his attention and so I was already quite unhappy because I felt like I did not really get to spend quality time with was already tearing in my bed at times...

And then comes D day.. D day before he flies back off to Dubai again and me not knowing when he will come back.. D day where for the first time, I drive into the circuit.. D day where I met Mr Ang, the super strict driving instructor with a fiery temper... D day where I teared non stop for my 2 hour driving lesson.. D day where I called Max after my lesson and cried till I hyperventillate...

So anyway, because I was crying so badly, I told Max i needed to go home to freshen up and so he went to pick Ace while I went home to freshen up..

The mixture of Max leaving me, the feeling of failure, the feeling of loss all was too overwhelming for me at one shot. That day, I was what people would describe a "lei ren"... I was crying when I was walking home, I was crying when I reached home, crying when i was bathing, crying when I was in the my eyes were swollen and red... so when Ace finally saw me... even though Max only told him I was not feeling good today, he asked me when he saw me, "Mummy, what are you worrying about?" and gave me a hug and then I started crying again..

If you thought at this point, my sensitive loving son would hug me somemore and tell me it is ok, you are in for a big surprise!

At this point, my son said, "Hahahaha.. mummy.. you are a cry baby.. you are a big cry baby!" and laughed heartily!

Fast forward to about 4 days later... I am more at ease during driving lessons, I have gotten used to Mr Ang and even found that I like him quite alot...Max has already left and there seems to be finally some confirmation about how things are... and I was having a conversation with Ace in the car on the way home...

We were talking about how sometimes people cry when they are sad and so Ace asked me if I cried that day because I was sad and I told him I was.

And then he suddenly told me, "I am sorry mummy I laugh at you and call you a cry baby that day. You are not a cry baby..." So I hugged him and told him i forgive him.

And then he asked me why I was sad and I told him I was sad that day.. "Because... because..." the thought of Max being away made me choke back my words and Ace completed the sentence for me, "because daddy will be away for long long time?"

"Yeah.."I nodded my head and wiped off two drops of tears.

"You cry finish already?" Ace asked..

"Yes, I finish already..."

And then he started giggling.."Hahahaha.. CRY BABY!"

"Oi, I thought you say I am not a crybaby already?"

"Hahahaahhaa..." Ace continued to giggle... "I am not laughing at you, I am laughing at the tears.." and he continued to laugh out loud.


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lelong, Lelong

I think Ace is getting sick of the toys in Popo's house... he ran out of things to play with and started to invent his own games.. like for example, cutting out the pictures in the IKEA brochure.. and then using scotch tape to paste it on the doors of the rooms...

I asked him what he was doing and he told me, "I am selling things!"

Hahahaha... not bad.. he knows the power of advertising and marketing! :)

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ace's Revengeful Thoughts

I try to update Ace about what is happening in my life and would update him about nuggets of info I get from talking to Max and that Ace feels he is still connected to his Daddy and to his Ah Yee....

The other day, Clari told me that when she was in Spain, she met two men who pretended to be policemen and scammed her of some money...

So the next day, on the way to school, I told Ace that Ah Yee is back from hs trip to Spain and that she met with some bad guys in Barcelona. I tried to explain it simply in simple terms and told Ace that Ah Yee met two bad men who pretended to be policemen and tried to conn Ah Yee of her money.

And then we had a very interesting conversation...
Ace: Is Ah Yee very sad?
Me: Yeah, she very xin tong that she lost the money....
Ace: Ah Yee very xin tong ah? Net net also lost money?
Me: No, only Ah Yee lost money...
Ace: Did Ah Yee tell the police?
Me: No leh, I dun think so...
Ace: Why Ah Yee never tell police?
Me: I don't know. Maybe they were in a hurry and had no time..
Ace: Why they never take net net money? (Pause to think for a while) Is it because they know Net Net can box them?
Me: Maybe... *(Laughs)
Ace: So is Ah Yee ok?
Me: Ya, she is ok....
Ace: So Ah Yee got no money now?
Me: No lah, Ah Yee still have lah.. she only lost a little bit of money...
Ace: Is it Ah Yee got no money to buy things? Is it she got no money to buy things for me?
Me: Ya, dun have so much money to buy things for you now...
Ace: Is Ah Yee very sad?
Me: Ya, she is sad..
Ace: I also very sad... (lies down on my arm and rests, pauses for a while...)
Ace: (With a frown on his face and a determined look) Next time when I grow up, I will go fa guo.. I will find the bad man and I will give them da bian to eat and then they will eat the da bian and die!
Me: Eat da bian will die one meh?
Ace: Ya! Will die!
Me: Well, it is already over... can you forgive these two men?
Ace: No! Cannot. Put them in the police station forever!

So I explained that one way to get rid of 'bad guys' in our world is to forgive them. And I asked him if he can forgive them... "No! I don't want..."

"But if you forgive them, they will become good guys mah... and you can help them too... ok?"

Me: can you forgive him? If you forgive him, he will become a good guy...
Ace: Okie... I forgive him.. Did Ah Yee forgive him?
Me: I am not sure, I will go and ask her ok?
Ace: Ok...

He's cute right?:P

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Master of Persuasion At Work Again

Master of persuasion is at work again!

The other day, Ace was pretending to be a fire man and playing fireman game using Popo's belt, his toy hanmer (to break open the windows), toy ruler (to measure the fire.. according to him)...

Seeing that he is so enthusiastic about the game, Popo told him,"I know how to make a fireman's hat. When I am free, I will make one for you."

So at night, before he went to sleep that day, he went to Popo's room to chat with her.. and then he asked her... "Popo, what day is tomorrow? Tomorrow is sunday right? Tomorrow you never go meeting right? Tomorrow you dun have to work right? Tomorrow you have nothing right? Tomorrow you are free right? Then tommorrow can you make the fireman's hat for me?"

Early next morning, he woke up and asked Popo, " I thought you said you are going to make fireman's hat for me?" and so they started making the hat together... And so Ace spent many good fun hours playing with a belt (fireman's belt or hose, depending on his mood), a hammer (so that can break open the window), a ruler (to measure the fire... I dunno why firemen need to measure fire) and his fireman's hat and fire truck... funny thing is after that, he even asked for a eye protector for the fireman and so my mum made some sort of specs for him...

Anyway, Ace has a darn good memory also lor.. for some unknown reason.. he just suddenly wanted to eat roti prata and so I told him we would call Popo and check if she can buy some home.

Even though he was watching Shrek on the computer and totally engrossed in the movie, he still remembered and shouted to me across the room, "Mummy, I thought you were going to ask Popo to buy prata?"

So I called my mum but alas, she was already on the bus home so I told Ace that Popo cannot buy the prata for him.. and then he made a fuss and I thought I would go to the market to buy for him later and told him I walk and buy for him later.. and after 10 min of his Shrek, he asked me, "I thought you want to walk out to buy prata for me?"

And my grandma said the prata shops around the area are probably closed by then so i told Ace that the prata man was probably asleep already... and he started to cry... because he wanted to eat prata... so I told him tommorrow we ask gong gong to buy when the prata man is awake...

Early this morning, he asked me, "I thought you wanted to ask gong gong to buy prata" Alas, gong gong is already back from the marketing.. so later, when i go out, I guess i better buy the prata for him.. just so I can keep my promise...

So why does he love prata so much now? My only clue is this.. he asked me why I liked to eat prata with daddy last time.. so I think he misses the times where me and Max would bring him to zizai to eat prata... probably, the prata craving is really a way he expresses how much he misses max...

Nevermind, Ace, we are going to see Daddy soon! VERY VERY SOON!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ace Made A Story Book

Ace just made a storybook by himself.. nice or not?

Well, one of the exercises inside required him to cut out some pages and make a book. He cut it out and asked Waipo to sew it together in sequenc for him.. then he made popo read it for him like 3 times and decided that he wanted to colour the book..

And so he did.. isn't it very nicely done?:P

And after that, he made Popo read to him 5 more times before he slept and the next day, he insisted on bringing it to school as well. Popo said that after he made the book, he was in a super good mood.. i guess he feels good about himself for having accomplished something:) I am very proud of you too, son!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ace Art Class: Crayon Drawings

Sadly, this is Ace's last art lesson.. at least for the time being due to relocation of the art school... this time round, the theme is pastle crayon art... so Ace did two drawings.. one of a night scene and another is a very creative one 3 bears taking a lift to watch a movie..

I am happy to note that he actually does apply whatever he has learnt in art classes and tends to recreate the drawings in his scribblings...

He also likes to draw in school and always brings back scraps of paper with drawings on them.. the above are a mouse, a wolf and the last one without colour is according to Ace, "Star wars the clone wars.." I think he is trying to either draw R2D2 or the soldiers inside it...

Well, will post more of his art work when I get him started on art lessons again...

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ace Helps Himself

Ace is a hungry hippo...

After every one or two hours, he would claim he wants to eat "something" (meaning it is not a normal meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner) or want to drink "something" (Plain water is not considered something..only special water like honey water or pipagao, ribena are considered 'something').

He is now independent enough, tall enough and strong enough to help himself to all these 'somethings'.

The other day.. a mere one hour after dinner, he suddenly declared that he is hungry and wanted to eat something. Because he did not bug me, I stayed in the room and continued to check email on the PC.. then suddenly, my dad called out to me, "Look at your son.. see what he is doing..."

I went out of the living room and found that he helped himself to everything in the fridge.. he took a butter knife, a plate, his favourite nutella and a slice of bread..

In the next few days, I also discovered that he can now switch on the lights by himself when he needs to use the toilets...

He knows where to find and take the biscuits that he wants to eat...

He can even make honey drink all by himself!

He has grown up indeed!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Daddy Take Aeroplane Loh

The other day, we woke up really early in the morning to send Max off to dubai. This time round, it is really a teary goodbye.. cos I was not sure when I would next be able to see and hold Max... Ace however seemed oblivious.. and even told me happily "Oh, Daddy going to take aeroplane to dubai lor.." and seemed really upbeat and happy.

I was wondering how come he was not feeling the same feelings as me... and come night time, while I was outside, my father called me and said Ace is looking for me...

When he passed the phone to him though, Ace was just crying very sadly... as if both his parents have died... and no matter what I said to him, all he did was cry and cry.. it sounded exactly the way I think I sounded on D Day!

Later, my dad took over the phone and said that Ace started crying when he found out I was not coming home to eat dinner with him.. and then he started asking for his daddy... so I asked my dad to ask my pass him the phone and I reassured him that Daddy will check his sked and let us know when he can visit us again and I will for sure come home to sleep with him..

When I finally reached home at 11pm, he was already fast asleep though.. apparently frightened by a cockroach in the kitchen, he gave a scream and ran to my mum's lap, lie down there and did not move while my mum was talking on the phone. By the time my mum finished her call, he was already asleep...

The next morning, he woke up in very good mood though and for the next few days, he was happy, courteous and mischievious again.. back to his usual self:)

PS: The only thing that is somewhat unusual about Ace is tat he will cry over little things like.. eg when he asked to eat prata and I told him the prata man went home and so there is no prata... he immediately started to cry very sadly... or when he lost his bolster when he kicked it off the bed in the middle of the night, he woke up, tried to find it, couldnt.. and started cry....

PS: While I was posting this, Ace was sitting with me.. he can recognize the words: Ace, mum, up, in, that, what, my, Max, happy, good. Daddy...

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fine Dining At Private Restaurant

When Max was in dubai, he complained that the only vegeterian food there is usually indian.. and so one of our very dear friends who is a good vegeterian cook offered to cook a nice meal for him when he is back..

Because there were only a few of us who could make it.. she made it a healthy vegeterian SI FANG CAI.. fine dining style and so Ace had his first taste of fine dining...

We reached there early and so Ace was trying to be policeman and playing with his new handcuffs and his new walkie talkies....

And the meal was really fantastic lor!

Instead of wine, we drank enzyme... and to our surprise, Ace loved the enzymed and kept saying, "Yummy! Can i have more?"

Thanks Mag for the wonderful meal!

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